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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Overnighter (GM vs Amanda Fight)

Happy Double Eviction Day, BB addicts!! :D Tonight, we will see Amanda get blindsided and then get evicted. After that, the HG's will battle it out for HOH, have a veto comp & ceremony, and then 1 more HG will be leaving the house. We will go from 7 houseugests, down to 5 tonight. (So weird that BB ends in 2 weeks and currently we have 7 HG's in there. lol)

Okay, so last night there was a huge fight between Amanda & GM. If you already have the live feeds & wanna check it out yourself, go to 9:20pm BBT on Cam 3.
I'm gonna go put the Overnighter together & I'll start posting it below!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds $10/month feed pass!

Just to recap before diving into the Overnighter, earlier in the night, GM told Andy that she was feeling like she wanted to fight (this during their convo in the HOH room alone, I don't have the time on hand) and that it was a combo or nervous & anxious feelings as if she wanted to fight. Mix that with Amanda's constant "I'm going home..or am I?" type comments throughout the night, and we got a recipe for disaster.

GM offered McCrae/Amanda 1 night in the HOH room this week and last night was that night. GM planned on sleeping in "her & Nick's bed" (*eye roll*). Knowing this, Amanda told Elissa to nap in GM's bed, just to get under her skin.

9:20pm BBT:
Amanda comes out of the Diary Room and mentions about Elissa sleeping in GM's bed. GM said she's just napping in there. Amanda laughs. GM asked her why did she laugh.

Amanda: "I was just in the D.R., I don't know what you're problem is..."
GM: " had a smirk..I had spoke to (Elissa) about it.."
Amanda: "You have had an attitude today! WOO!"
GM: "No I don't have an attitude had a smirk when I told about you the (bed thing).."
Amanda: "Why are you telling me this? I don't care!"
They go back & forth...GM's saying that Amanda had a smirk on her face, Amanda said she was thinking about her Diary Room session....GM is saying she's "not stupid"...back & forth they go, getting heated by the second.

Amanda: "I don't think you're stupid, GinaMarie."
GM: "And just like you tell everybody that I puke all the time, right?" (re: her suspected bulimia)
Amanda: "I think that was your best friend, Aaryn, going around tellin' everyone that."
GM: "..because I got sick from f**ckin' slop..."
Amanda: "I don't wanna fight with you."
GM: "..and then I had to talk to the f*ckin' psychiatrist about it..." (fishes on feeds)

GM: "I got HOH and you don't, so HA for you!"
Amanda: "You are..just on a roll today, hunny."

They talk about the bulimia issue again. GM is blaming it on slop.
GM: "I live with my parents, you wanna bring that up, too?"

GM then bashes Amanda for being in love with a pizza boy (McCrae). Amanda then bashes how she's in love with someone (Nick) that she doesn't even know. Amanda calls GM "psychotic".

Amanda: "..and that's how you're portrayed in this house, as a psycho. Why don't you sleep in your bed, with your Nick shrine.." (*For those of you who don't know, GM really does have a Nick shrine..with his cup, his hat..that is actually McCrae's hat but she thought it was Nick's...and stuff that says "Nick" on it.)

GM: "And're a dirty dirtbag wh*re."

Amanda: "I'm a wh*re?" I've been with the same guy all summer!"
GM: "I just feel bad for McCrae, because I think he's a cool dude."
Amanda: "What are you worried about, GinaMarie?"
GM: "I ain't worried about sh*t."
Amanda: "Alright, then don't fight with me. Hunny, you have no power anymore, you can't even f**ckin' vote tomorrow!"
Judd is laughing.
Andy/McCrae/Spencer are not.

GM starts to jab at the "50 pounds of medication" that Amanda is on for her "different personalities" and calls Amanda a "psychotic b*tch" and she brought up the miscarriage thing again and how she "used McCrae this whole game".

9:27pm BBT:
Fight continues.

GM: "And (McCrae) wouldn't even date you outside (the house) because you're a crazy B*TCH!"
Amanda: "Okay, GinaMarie. It's and Nick are gonna get married..."

GM: "You don't run sh*t!"
Amanda is laughing, as GM keeps going on & on.

GM: "..and medi..cation...medication.."
Amanda: "What's that word again?"

GM: "Who's your yeast infection doing?"
Amanda: "How's your cl*t rings doing?"
GM: "They're doing fantastic!"
Amanda: "You're a 33 yr old with a tongue ring."

Judd is trying to not laugh.
GM is making fun of Amanda's tattoo on her lower back.
GM: "I don't know which one looks worse, that (tattoo) or your face."

Amanda: "This gorgeous guy (Nick), wanted you gone!"

GM gets up and starts going back & forth with Amanda.
The look on Andy's face is priceless. lol
GM (to McCrae): "You better checked (for STD's) after you leave here, buddy. F*ckin' yeast infection.."
Amanda tells GM that a yeast infection is not an STD.

Amanda: "That's why you're single, because you're f**ckin' nuts!"

Amanda says she's gonna go get McCrae's hat back (the one that GM holds on to because she thought it was Nick's.)

Amanda is in the HOH room looking for the hat.
GM: "If she takes it, I'll just tell D.R. that it's my f**ckin' property and she'll have to give it back."

Amanda comes down the stairs..
Amanda: "You've had a bad attitude all day.."
GM: "Because my foot hurts, ya dumb b*tch! So shut up!"

Amanda :Whatta ya gonna do? ..with your big f**ckin' mouth! Whatta ya gonna do?!"
GM: "What up! What up! What up!"
They go back & forth some more, making digs at each other. This is definitley worth a look on the Flashback Feeds.

9:47pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Amanda yelled at McCrae saying she needs a man, not a "p*ssy". McCrae said he's playing a game.

McCrae: "I'm f*cking playing a motherf*cking game."

Amanda is still unleashing on McCrae for letting GM call her a wh*re, etc & how Amanda would stick up for McCrae if someone was attacking him. 

9:53pm BBT:
 Amanda is yelling at the guys because none of them stuck up for her.

Judd/Spencer said they didn't wanna get in the middle of a girl fight.
Judd: "If it was you & a guy, then..."

Amanda goes in the Have Nots room, McCrae follows. Amanda tells him she doesn't wanna talk to anyone, including him.

Amanda: "How humiliating for me..for you to just sit there.."
McCrae says he's playing a game, too.
GM walks in and apologizes.

GM: "I'm about to get my period, and I know being on the block sucks...girl emotions...and I'm sorry to you too, McCrae..the boys just sat there in awe.."

Amanda is pissed that McCrae didn't "say something".
GM: "I understand where he's coming was between me & you...he knows you're a big girl.."

GM said she'll still give them her HOH room for the night, as she has promised.
McCrae: "Thanks."

GM leaves.

10:09pm BBT:
Judd/AndySpencer/McCrae all talk. They appologize for not stepping in and for laughing. Andy said he was laughing because it was so ridiculous. Judd said he was laughing at both of them & that they both (Am/GM) were in the wrong.

Andy then laughed about how Judd told Elissa to "Shut the f**k up earlier". (*Not sure what time that happend.)

10:35pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda arguing, again. Same fight.."why didn't you stick up for me?!" By 11pm, they're kissing again.

11:35pm BBT:
Elissa did a root touch-up job on GM's hair for her.

2:00am BBT:
HOH Room
GM is moved out of the HOH room & as promised, gave the room to McCrae/Amanda to spend the night together.
Amanda sees The Exterminators go into the lounge room together and mentions how weird it is.

Amanda: "You don't think that's weird??"
McCrae: "Whatta ya mean?"
Amanda: "Why are they all going into the cockpit?"

Amanda is afraid she's gonna get evicted. (*She will)

**And that's it for The Overnighter. Amanda is still leaving tonight, expect a 2-2 vote...Elissa/McCrae will vote Spencer out, as Judd/Andy will vote Amanda out..making GM break the tie and send Amanda packing.

As of 9:52am BBT, only Elissa is up. All other HG's sleeping. I'll start a post once the HG's up & going.

Stay tuned...
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Sarah Terwilliger said...

So does that mean the fight was aired on BBAD? Can't wait to see that when I get home!

Joni said...

I think it's pretty crappy that they are blind siding Amanda. All the rest of the house guest have known they were going home (with the exception of Judd and that was Helen's doing) Don't forget house guests, she has a great deal of manipulation power and she's going to the jury.

Ste ven said...

Saw the fight on AD and it was disturbing to watch. GM definitely when rted it but Am participated fully & just as low, as usual. (yet she never acknowledges the mean, filthy things that come out of her mouth). I do agree that the boys shouldve said something but especially McRae. Could've said enough. She thinks the boys were laughing at her;they laughed at the ridiculousness of 2 grown woman acting like high schoolers on camera while Jenga is being played. Then height of hypocrisy, Amanda complains to E how GM called her ugly. Who makes fun of a woman's face? And neither E nor Am notice that AM did that to E every day from Botox to plastic surgery... AM with everything (like lying & evictions) can easily dish it but can't take it. Am keeps saying others enabled the fight, but McRae keeps telling AM she did too by engaging
I thought GM would spill the beans on AM getting evicted when she was taunting her.. What do u care.. Im leaving. Now Andy has an excuse maybe... What happened to J & E.. I thought they were buddy buddy & now hate one another.
But I'm more angered at AM & hope she learns something by watching all of this. She just doesn't understand that she's guilty of all the things she attacks others for. GM ain't the brightest but she doesn't come from money & didn't get an education. I hope some of these are better people outside the house. I hope E or McRae get out tomorrow..
But E seeing AM do to GM what she did to her shouldve caused a light bulb moment

Razldazlrr said...

I'm hoping GM bites the dust tomorrow and her and Amanda can ride into the sunset together. These two have both hit pretty low and I don't know why one of the "men" (NOT) - don't step in and say enough already. Amanda should be getting a clue that she's leaving with GM not caring what she says.

Anonymous said...

This isn't necessarily the thing I'd most like to see tonight but I think it would be pretty damn hilarious if Judd went out 2nd in the DE again.


bbfan said...

GM is such trash ..plz get her out. Where did BB get these trash.

Shayler Henderson said...

If you have kept up with this season you saw this coming from a mile away!!! This cast of characters lack LOYALTY to say the least...

Anonymous said...

I understand they've been isolated for awhile, but the things they FIGHT about...!! GM knows Amanda's leaving, why even bother bickering with her!?!!

Maybe if they spend more time keeping up their appearances and actually getting dressed, they'd feel better about themselves and have less negative energy to throw around.

Jeremy said...

It's very disturbing, yet entertaining, watching adults act as if they are children. I have seen personal insults slung at other HG's in past seasons, but this one takes the cake. Hopefully, after this season is complete, all the HG's will look at the tapes and use this experience to better themselves.

Loyd F said...

I don't like either GM or Am. Both are mean to their core. Having said that, I'm glad that GM has the guts to stand up to Am since no one else in the house does. I don't think GM cares how she is perceived outside of the house, but I think Am is in for a very rude awakening when this game is over. She acts as though she believes that America loves her. HA! I wonder what questions Julie will ask her tonight. Should be interesting.

Razldazlrr said...

well,,,,,, mcc should have said something when gm was calling her a whore - it's a game but damn - grow a set! I think that's just an example of how mcc is so much wussier (is that a word? LOL) than Amanda is used to. Miami - Minnesota - hmmm - probably not a mix in the real world!

AmiLrn said...

"Drop it Amanda! Drop it like you drop your pants!" GM

Hehehehe. Nice one GM!

AmiLrn said...

Right after Amanda leaves the room crying....."And end scene, Big Brother!"

Mawahahaha! Sorry. I know she's a classless moron but in the heat of battle GM can be pretty clever lol

AmiLrn said...

Yep. That's what I'm watching it on now. They silenced some of the beginning words and commercials got in the way once but otherwise it's all there!

AmiLrn said...

Totally disagree that GM started it. Amanda started it by telling Elissa to sleep in "Nick's" bed then taking the opportunity to stir the pot when GM mentioned it - by smirking. I've seen Amanda smirk and its very obvious that's she's trying to get a rise. Problem was that she bit off more than she could chew with GM. GinaMarie is a scrapper and she won't back down like everyone else Amanda has antagonized - like Elissa. I'm certainly no fan of GM, but Amanda met her match and it serves her right.

slnc said...

Im glad Amanda got a taste of her own medicine. Its called karma...and she's a bitch! I think its is sad that the DR sessions have Elissa changing her mind...judd was complaining about how they were harassing him to change his vote. Bb/Cbs doesn't want to get rid of Amanda. I would love to see Andy go in the DE...

Donna Parker said...

@ Brian
bite your tongue!

CC said...

Will put BBAD on Showtime again? I. can't get the tv channel.

Anonymous said...

I felt as though I needed therapy after watching that. I stopped at some point because it was really awful.
When Amanda told McCrae she needed a man, I believe that was a moment of truth.
There is no way my husband would a) support that behavior in me and b)just SIT there while another person called me a whore.
He would likely yell at her in my defense as he was dragging me out of the room to yell at me in private.

The whole table of men looked wussy while that was going on.

One has to wonder what their childhoods were like that no appropriate behavior was modeled for them.
Same of course for GM and Amanda.

I was pretty disappointed on last night's show to see the almost angelic portrayal of GM.
Her remarks about Elisa's child were the last straw for me.

Nothing can make me be sympathetic towards her again.

Paul Christiansen said...

Demanda met her match... And then some

BusymominTexas said...

What is this miscarriage thing that has been mentioned a few times on here?

AmiLrn said...

It seems Amanda was pregnant right around casting time or just prior to coming into the house, but miscarried.

RabbitHole24 said...

While I agree that Amanda needs to go, followed by GinaMarie, I also can't see why anyone wants any of these house guests to win 500k. Elissa is the only one left in this house with any kind of respect.

Andy has been flipping more then a burger on a grill, he has zero loyalty and too much a pu..y to show his real actions. Planning to frame Elissa because he wants to save his own ass.

Judd? He's just as two face as anyone else left. He approached Elissa, then fell into this bullshit alliance to target her, really? And while I like Judd, he's a sweetheart, I think he needs to own up too.

spencer? Ain't shit to say about him other then I'm sure many bb fans are at home screaming for someone to pop his swimmies. He certainly doesnt deserve to win jack. Him and andy are like two rats feasting on a cheese square. Both are planning to turn their backs on everyone. Why has no one had a 'duh' moment with these two?

mcc, I think he disappointed everyone by falling in with Amanda, he had potential, still does if he starts playing with Elissa.

and why is everyone mad that Elissa wants to help mc and am? No one else in this house has approached her with final anything. Look past the 8th grade bullshit, and look at this like a game of risk. Strategy is crucial at this point, and if Elissa has no one in her corner, why not fight to stay alive? She needs allies, something the other hg failed to give her.

Trena Andreotti said...

That wasn't Helen's doing. It was Amanda's. she wanted Judd out cause she thought he was MVP.

Melissa Lawson said...

Where the heck did bb find this bunch of kids? They need to grow up and even if they are being watched 24/7 they knew this coming into the house. Have some respect and watch what and how you say things! Ppl this is the worst season ever and hope some of the things these house quest are saying to each other about each other that it dont make them do things after the show is over, you dont talk about people's kids, mother or etc.

AmiLrn said...

McCrae did finally have enough of Amanda repeating over and over again that GM just attacked her and Amanda didn't want to fight. He says "bullllll Sh*t. All day you've been getting ready to do're so full of sh* knew exactly what you were getting into..." And Amanda just started grinning because she knew he had her lol

**Alea73** said...

@AmiLrn~ I Completely Agree with You on the Statement about Amanda biting off more than she can Chew with GM & about her Meeting her Match with GM....
I have not yet seen the Footage over the Fight between Amanda & GM.
However, I'm not the slightest bit Surprised at how they BOTH acted & the Low Blows EACH of them took with one another. Just the same typical Demeaning, Mean, & Hurtful Shots each one took.
NEITHER ONE of them has YET to Demonstrate an ounce of Class at times ithat would have mattered.
The Fighting, Arguing, & Confrontations are Examples of that!
BOTH of these People are GROWN ASS Adults, but continue to Act & Respond WORSE than Teenagers's actually Embarrassing to BOTH of them!
I am Curious to see just how everyone will Act once Amanda is GONE!!
I think Amanda brings A LOT of this type of Behavior on herself....I am NOT saying she ALWAYS Deserves this type of Response, BUT
Sometimes a Dose of your own Medication is exactly what is Needed!
If Amanda would prefer Confrontations like this, not happen, then Maybe Amanda should learn when to Shut her Mouth AND NOT Instigate such Confrontations.
There, Problem solved......

Anonymous said...

Trina, Helen wanted Judd out because he was on to her. She was the one who did the last minute urging to Aaryn.
It played into Amanda's fears as well.
Judd has admitted since he returned that his behavior was shady.

Kiley said...

Isn't the whole point of the game that you never know who's going home? All this voting with the house and knowing who's getting evicted has made for the boring season ever. Blindside away houseguests! Make at least the last 2 weeks exciting!

Anonymous said...


Amanda wanted Judd out but it was Helen who made it happen through Aryan on DE night.


Chris Stove said...

Why would Mccrae step into a girl fight to defend his girl? Yeah that would really help his case. Think about it he starts yelling @ Gm then all the other guys get mad @ him making him the next to leave. Right now he's playing it cool laying back trying to allow other people to make targets for themselves. I think people forget that this is a Game. 24/7 you have to play it and sometimes that means biting your tongue to get the money.

Kiley said...

You know why McCrae didn't stand up for Amanda? He's trying to save his game. I think he knows Amanda is leaving. Had I been one of the guys sitting there I wouldn't have stopped it eiher. Not till the chest bumping, when Judd stepped in. I would've watched that fight like I was watching TV. Her game has imploded and I think McCrae realizes just how much she has affected his game. I'm so over this season that I don't watch the shows, live feeds, or BBAD. This blog is what has kept me informed. Thanks again for a great blog Jamie!

rigs said...

It is easy to see why GM at 33 and Amanda at 28 are not married. McCrae and the "boys" were right to not step into the middle of these two arguing, except to for Judd to keep physical distance between the two. Outside of the house, I'm afraid GM would have had more than a sore foot to be babying.

At some point McCrae, if he is to stay with Amanda, needs to teach Amanda that there are boundaries and she crossed a big one. She chose to fight and she is capable of holding her own in a fight. McCrae should say "it does hurt me when GM calls you names but it hurts me much more when you me names like boy and little man or a real man would do this." Then comes the hard part. McCrae should show Amanda what a real does by walking away from her and giving her some time to think about what she said to him by saying "I'm here for you but I won't tolerate your abuse but if the abuse continues, there is no reason for us to continue." That is what a real man would say.

rigs said...

It is time for Amanda to see the light and put GM + Judd + Andy + Spencer = Alliance!!!! Then she, Alissa and McCrae need to tell Andy in no uncertain terms that if the vote goes bad for Amanda, he, Andy, will be going out the door right behind her so he (Andy) better make sure his vote is right and any other votes he can get because he and his alliance is busted.

daryl42 said...

This season has the most classless cast I can remember

rigs said...

You are right Brian. When Judd left during the DE, Helen was all over Aaryn to get Judd out and Helen told everyone else what to do that night.

Ste ven said...

The part of Amanda telling Elissa to sleep in GM room wasn't shown in After Dark so I didn't see that. GM wasn't angry about that though, according to her. Am us no innocent but as the summary above states GM was also wanting to start a fight. AM IS not gonna be that surprised.. I think deep down, she knows keeping her would not make sense.. And after that whole production, Elissa still is with Amanda? And GM Still gives McRanda the room & Am doesnt appreciate that & continues bashing her

Ste ven said...

It goes both ways.. Am egging her on too cuz she thinks she's safe and will have the last laugh tomorrow. And GM does try.. She puts on makeup, wants to dye her hair.. Am was actually criticizing her for that too. Both of them are embarrassments. Am is supposedly a professional.. I dont think this is the face of a realtor

Ste ven said...

Julie can't spill much.. I hope BB has a 2 hour finale again. It would be nice to have a BB special next spring where they check in on HG lives after the show, how it changed, how they felt after watching themselves, what HG they keep in touch with, and what they learned or got out of it. What did they use the money or prizes for etc. I think fans would be interested and it could gin up excitement for the next season.

Are episodes of BB Canada available free online somewhere?

Ste ven said...

CBS bought TVGN and more people probably get that then Showtime which is a paid premium channel

Ste ven said...

I dont see what major moves E has made. Mvp was handed to her for 3 weeks which made everyone want to be her friend. She got Aaryn out cuz she hated her. Something fishy goes on whenever she leaves the Dr. I think cuz she's a mom with a kid - like Helen - she has a totally different perspective. She wanted to quit. I think also when you don't Need the money, you're a bit less desperate. She has not been as bad as E or AM, but she's also bashed people & name called like the rest of them. I dont see why people put a halo on her. She's more mature but has had her own nasty moments. Its always weird when fans get mad at a player who's lying or turning on alliances to further their game. Thats BB. People weeks ago were asking why Andy was sticking with McRanda if he was at bottom of totem pole.. Why isn't anyone splitting the couple? And he does & people turn on him
They don't want to tell Amanda cuz they want her to feel safe so she doesn't feel compelled to try to get votes to be safe. Younger how she's already tried to do that anyway. Plus there is a bit of payback.. Seeing her get what she deserves. The look Amanda gives Andy and or Elissa reaction tonight will be inters ing
Wonder what if any of last nights fight and McRanda argument will be shown. They will have so little time and Must show E/AM deal. Yet what production chooses to show or not affects viewers perceptions and votes. Don't know what happened to cause J to say FU and be against E suddenly, but considering he has a good chance to win the 25k, editing can really impact the game

SuperDeb McHero said...

I have GM schizophrenia.

When she calls Amanda a dirty little wh*re its funny.

When she attracts Elissa's kid I think she should burn!

SuperDeb McHero said...

I wouldn't buy a doghouse from Amanda

Leah Pants said...

I'm extremely new to BB and even newer to this blog,but I wanted to know what's the deal about the miscarriage? What would BB do if there was a physical fight?

Bebecantaloupes said...

LOL!!! I have to admit GM does have some funny things to say. Too bad she's also said some very offensive things too or I would be rooting for her to win this game.

Becktuck said...

David and Nick we both blindsided and , yes it sucks for the person, but It's pretty fun to watch !

Bebecantaloupes said...

Apparently, Amanda was pregnant just prior to coming into the BB house & miscarried. If there is any kind of physical attack, or if you destroy equipment as happened one season, the houseguest is kicked out of the game & sent home.

Anonymous said...

@Ste ven

BB Finale will be an hour and a half from 9:30pm-11pm on Wed Sept 18th following the hour and a half long premiere of Survivor from 8pm-9:30pm as it's been the last few years.

By the way for those that aren't aware BB12 winner Hayden Moss will be 1 of the castaways on Survivor this season. That's the 1st ever crossover contestant between those 2 shows.


laserkat said...

Amanda, a few days ago," I bet America enjoyed watching me torment Elissa". Amanda last night, " what kind of people sit back & laugh while someone gets verbally attacked" I have never seen a person with less insight in my life!

AmiLrn said...

Either during casting or right before coming into the house, Amanda miscarried.

As for a physical fight, I know there was one last season between Willie and Chef Joe. Willie threw a punch and was immediately ejected from the game. They called him to the DR and he didn't come out into the house again.

Welcome to BB!!! Hope you love it as much as the rest of us do. I wish it was a better season with more lovable characters (Ian) or funny characters (Britney) or just awesome evil geniuses (Dan) to watch for your first season!

AmiLrn said...

I know what you mean! Maybe we should start a support group.

Hi. I'm Ami and I have GM schizophrenia.

Anonymous said...


Actually Willie headbutted Chef Joe he didn't throw a punch but same difference immediate ejection for physical violence of any kind.


Leah Pants said...

I thought the exact same thing

Ana Sliving said...

Amanda said she was on the pill n got pregnant and was "like 3 days pregnant" and miscarried. She told a few of the house guest, including Elissa. During the `Amanda harasses Elissa to help Andy' days...Elissa told people (who knew already I believe) n Amanda got mad.

AmiLrn said...

LOL don't take things so literal Brian. I only meant "threw the first punch" as in the one who got physical

AmiLrn said...

Besides, he threw a punch with his head! Not like Willie was using it for anything else. Might as well use it as a fist :)

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