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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pre-Finale Post: Live Feeds Ended for the Season

Happy Wednesday & Happy Live BB15 Finale Day to y'all!! :D Tonight, it all comes to end. While Big Brother 15 is ending tonight, I will be very much looking forward to BB16 starting next summer, as I'm sure you guys & gals are too.

At 10am BBT this morning, the live feeds officially ended.
Usually whenever I see this message, I get bummed out that the season is over. In the 7 seasons that I've been blogging BB, this is the first time that I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this message! lol :P It's been a doozy of a season, to say the least.

Okay, so the BB15 finale begins tonight at 9:30pm EST. I will have the links to watch online in a new post tonight for those of you not near a TV but still wanna watch. I will have the chat room open here on the blog starting at 8pm EST for the Survivor premiere, so feel free to pop in & chat! :D

There will be 2 more posts here on the blog today: the Finale post & then a special post afterwards, so make sure you stick around for that! ;)

If you've been watching Wil Heuser's epic BB15: The Saga episodes all season long, then you're in for a treat! He just posted a BB15 Saga: Bloopers video on YouTube. At the end of the video, there's a message saying that the final BB15 Saga video will be posted tomorrow (Sept 19th), I can't wait to see that!! :D

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I couldn't/wouldn't be able to here without y'alls support!!!!! You guys & gals are the only reason that I'm able to be here to blog all season long & what allows me to come back season after season. Y'all are, by far, the BEST BIG BROTHER FANS on the internet!!! Bar none!!! I am extremely grateful & humbled that you have been with me all season. I love y'all & I will miss everyone until next year!! :D

Okie dokie, that's it for this post! I will be back with a new post in a few hours (before the Survivor premiere at 8pm EST) with a top post, so look out for that! See ya guys & gals then! :D

Stay tuned...
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Shannon said...

Thanks for everything this season Jamie! You-da-best!

are the backyard interviews on the live feeds? or somewhere else this year?

Anonymous said...


I think I saw Jeff is doing live interviews after on the CBS website in the same area of the site where he normally does his interview segment every week. Not sure what that means in terms of if there'll be any on the live feeds.


Razldazlrr said...

Hey Brian - I think you should come in for the live chat tonite and give us your insight!! COME ON! It can be a wild conversation LOL

James Estep said...

Thank you Jamie for helping make this reticle season bearable ... Thank you Brian and everyone else for your insightful comments ...Here's to a better BB16 season

rigs said...

It looks like Andy and GM are committed to taking each other to the F2. Is that true? Are both of them serious? I can't believe Andy isn't lying and I would be surprised if GM is that dumb. Either one could easily win against Spencer. I seriously can't decide who is less deserving. I haven't watch all of the last few nights so I may have missed the truth.

rigs said...

God none of these 3 should win. I thought Andy's lying was a game strategy but it appears that is his strategy in his daily life also. He bragged the other night about how he likes to tell people, for example, that he goes or went to Harvard. I suspect lying has been a lifelong practice and not just a game play. Not the kind of game player I would admire. Lying is just too easy for him.

Spencer is just plain gross and I am a male so I am used to gross male talk but he takes the cake. Last night, IIRC, he talked about how the BB House needed a "masturbation" room!!!! That on top of all his gross comments and bashing of "gone but not forgotten" HGs that are much better players than he is and more deserving.

GM, what can I say? She, like the others give BB a bad name. However, they do represent the "lower" character class. Seriously, "oh, is SF in California, I didn't know that". BB15 illustrates how numbers of "average" people can overcome the domination of those who excel. BB15 also illustrates the hazards of what happens when the lowest common denominator prevail. Well, I guess we can't have it both ways.

•~catty~• said...

Thanks Jamie, for posting something every day this week. Not that anything's been happening in the house that we've
Thanks Brian for your help with facing reality re: my dream F2 (Andy/McCrae all the way!! haha OH WELL!), & your pics for an all-star cast. I agree & I was makin my own list, but work got too crazy & I stopped. Sorry...I don't like both Amanda & McCrae back unless they promise to keep their hands off if one another-lol-maybe they won't even be a couple outside the house, who knows? And Dr Will, Evel Dick for sure (although he says he's moving to Ireland in Feb so it's highly unlikely with all the moving/selling he will have to do next year...we'll see $$$), no Janelle but I'd like to see Ragan back...Jeff but not Jordan, Jeremy (S15), Ian, Dan, ..... Can't think of other off the top of my head. It would be great to see some actual people who love the game & the strategy...especially after this season!!

I'll always love BB & again, it's great that you're coming back next season; awesome job!!

Still hoping to see Andy pull it through...gooooo Andy!! :)

Ste ven said...

From what Julie said on THE TALK, I hope the Dr Will involvement doesnt influence the jurors' votes...but it sounds like it will. She implied that he will talk to vengeful (or as GM likes to say revengeful) that sounds like he will be moving them to vote for who played the best game, which if Andy is in the F2 it would be him
While of the 3, Andy clearly deserves the win...Part of me, really wants to see GM win the final HOH and then take Spencer. Just seeing Andy's reaction and seeing him beaten at his own game,,,and realize that GM was also playing him the last couple days would be sweet.

Ste ven said...

@Rigs...sometimes you have to wonder if these people dont realize they are being broadcast 24 hours a day. They dont seem to think about the consequences of what they say. I guess not everything lives in infamy on Youtube because CBS no longer seems to permit all those live feed videos to stay online.
Spencer has said some gross things- his sense of humor isn't what most people's are. GM seems to have a split personality...she doesnt seem to be able to recognize her weaknesses. Shes not educated but theres a part of her thats genuine and nice but then theres a very ugly unstable side. The thing with Andy is he is trying to teach young people and acting the way he did when your students are only a few years younger than you are is just plain weird. I didnt see this but someone said he admitted to cheating in school? He also just talks to much. While I know its a game and lying is a part and I dont hate him for that (Dan, Dr WIll, Boogie lied like crazy too) do have to wonder about someone who finds it so easy to lie 24 hours a day. I know theres no way I could probably keep a straight face if I were lying to everyone. But that, among many other reasons, is why I would never do a show like this.
They should increase the prize money. Half million when everyone else is at a million just doesnt seem fair. Especially with all these reality shows being on for over a decade and that prize money isnt worth as much as it used to be. They should at least match Surivor and do $1M for 1st and 100K for 2nd. I wonder if one twist -if they wouldnt tell the HG until the last moment - was if they had a Final 3 like Survivor has done in the past. I wonder how that would affect the final voting as well as the strategy once they get to the final 5-6. It would be great to have them down to 3 (not knowing when the finale was set to air) and suddenly tell them thats it. They could always have America vote as a tiebreaker if there were an even # of jurors.

Lois Casper said...

Jamie thus is my 3 or 4 year to follow ur blog want to thank you. U are great wish i had extra money to donate to u.

Mike said...

I've been watching BB for many years and I've never been less excited for a finale haha. BB16 will HAVE to be better. Hopefully some all star action.

Mike said...

I've been watching BB for many years and I've never been less excited for a finale haha. BB16 will HAVE to be better. Hopefully some all star action.

This comment has been removed by the author.

If GM wins the $500,000, I expect Nick to be the first one there to greet her, on one knee and a bouquet of flowers. If she doesn't, fuhgeddaboudit.

Shoba said...

Jamie thank you for all you do! Brian as always you are awesome. Look for my petition for both of you guys to be on BB16!

I'm not going to comment on the F3 because frankly they don't deserve it. Here's to hoping next year will be better ** fingers n toes crossed **

Lorrie Simmens said...

This is the first time all season that I have posted anything I really just stumbled onto the site and was hooked. I would like to thank Jamie for all the hard work the blog was great and can't wait for next year Iwill surely return thanks again

Gilbert said...

Best season ever!!!! Been watching since day one. Don't understand why people "hate" bb15 so much. Racism? Far more racism in past seasons specifically towards jun jee kaysar etc... n harsher stuff was said towards them..homophobia? Jeff implying that gay men=child molester never even got questioned. Matter of fact got high fives for his comment yet because aayrn n spencer said queer (both really like andy) they are considered to be.... well we know what people are saying. Jordan n rachel could never win big brother without giving themselves to jeff n brendon. Yet amanda is satan because she got mcrae. N finally season two will had zero competition that year yet is considered one of the best bb he is but a good bb player yeah no. Ginamarie could outplay him in her sleep with a broken toe stitches in her leg and a cut on her finger n nicks cup n hat in her hands..

Toy said...

Thanks for the blog this is my first year knowing about your blog but ive been watching BB every summer. I'll be back next year for your blog.

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