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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Holy freakin' MOLY!! The live feeds have been on fire today!!! :-O So much game talk, and it's only the first whole day of the feeds! My head is spinning.

Okay, so in case y'all are as overloaded with info as I am, here's a break down of current alliances (these can change at any moment, of course):

The Pretty Girls Alliance (TPGA):
Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie, & Candice. (Kaitlin & Jessie aren't really getting along, though. lol)

The Blondetage:
David, Aaryn, GinaMarie & Kaitlin

The Moving Company:
Nick, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, & Jeremy

Final 3 alliances:
*Jeremy, Spencer and Howard
*Jeremy, David and Jessie

Secret Alliances:
McCrae and Elissa
McCrae and Helen  (possibly w/ Elissa?)

1:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae told Helen that Amanda is driving him crazy (**me too! lol She doesn't stop talking. :P ) and that he's just appeasing her for now. They also talked about getting a guy out this week (saving Elissa) and that would leave the house gunning for Ellissa for next week.

1:59pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! Time to pick players for the veto comp & MVP Nomination time! :D

3:15pm BBT:
Feeds still on trivia...

3:44pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

(give me a minute to see what happened)

3:37pm BBT:
David is on the block (per Elissa's MVP powers).

HOH Room
McCrae told Amanada in the HOH that Elissa told him that she was MVP.

She leaves.
Elissa enters.

McCrae is telling Elissa that he wants her to stay.
Elissa is mad at McCrae for telling Amanda that she told him she was MVP.
She said she's gonna deny it (being MVP) if anyone asks her. Elissa said that Amanada is working with everybody and is gonna tell everyone.

McCrae: "I f***ed up." (**can't tell if he's playing Elissa or what.)

*NOTE: Veto Comp has not yet been played.

Elissa tells McCrae she doesn't know why he keeps "screwing her over".

*Sidenote: Elissa was picked to play in the Veto Comp.

3:54pm BBT:
HOH Room

Elissa bashing begins.
McCrae: "I wanna f***ing put her up so f***ing bad!"

3:57pm BBT:
Elissa is there & now Jeremy & Elissa are going at it. (Jeremy is being rude, though he calls it "clearing the air", keeps telling her to "get up & walk away if you have somewhere else to be".)

Jeremy: "So you don't have a sister named Gisele B√ľndchen (Victoria Secret model)?"
Elissa: "No I don't." (**She's not telling them that Rachel is her sister, yet. Only a few HG's know, apparently.)

Players in the Veto Comp will be:

McCrae (HOH), Candice (Nom), Jessie (Nom), David (MVP Nom), Howard, Elissa.

GinaMarie is hosting.

4:20pm BBT:
HG's waiting around for the Veto Comp to start. (**No clue when that'll be.)

4:21pm BBT:
HOH Room
Elissa/Spencer/McCrae (& someone in bed, can't see who)

Elissa telling them what really happened between her & Jeremy earlier...she said that she jokingly said her sister was Gisele B√ľndchen & Jeremy thought she was serious.

4:51pm BBT:

HG's are all waiting around, chit chatting (mixed in with some repetitive Elissa bashing thrown in here & there) for the Veto Comp to start. (**the veto comp outcome is what's gonna determine everyones next move. Nothing more to do right now except to just wait).

5:13pm BBT:
Storage Room

Aaryn caught David talking to Elissa and is mad that he was talking to her. She said to "leave it alone" and who cares if she's Rachel's sister or not, he's on the block, it doesn't matter. She tells him to lay low. He agrees.

Aaryn: "If we're on the same team, why would her side of things matter? She put you up, and she's gonna be putting me up if you come down. And you're taking her side? Why do we have to keep stirring things up? Things were already fine!" (**she's making this a bigger deal than what it is.)

David: (frustrated) : "Oh my gosh. What was I supposed to do?"
Aaryn: "Nothing!"
David: "Is the reason (you're mad) is because I talk to her now?"
Aaryn: "Oh my god, nooo..NO!Tell me the point (of you talking to Elissa)?"
David: "I asked if she was the MVP and if she is, why she put me up. I feel like you're getting mad at me for no reason."

(Definitely worth the watch on Flashback. lol)

**I will be back to post the winner of the Veto Comp later tonight!!

Until then, enjoy your feeds! :)

Stay tuned...
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Annette Darden said...'re right, Jaime!! My head is spinning also. But worse, my ears are bleeding from Amanda!
So glad you're back for another season. You keep me sane and up to date until Little League season is over.

Jamie said...

lol Thanks doll!!

Marisa r said...

you're the best! Jamie what do you have 3 computers going!? Thank God for you, I can't do this is too much for me lol!

Jamie said...

LOL!!! I'm a great multitasker i guess. Its HARD to keep up, but I try my hardest!! :D

Donovana said...

Jaimie I have a tedious Feeds question. How do you look back at previous hours? I can't see anywhere....all I have is the five camera options and the chat/highlights/houseguests option. Please explain to me (I really should be able to figure it out but .....)

Jamie said...

Donovana, there's a tiny Calendar icon on the camera (under the pic) that you click on. Let me know if you need more help! :)

Donovana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donovana said...

I can't see any calendar icon anywhere on my browser. Can you screen shot and show me. I'm feeling dumb but I really can't see it. I'm on iPad (3rd gen)

Jamie said...

Not sure if its on the ipad or not? on the computer, its right by where it says "LIVE" at the bottom of the viewer.

Donovana said...

Guess I'll have to drag out my laptop.....let me know if you hear anything regarding my issue and anyone else who has an iPad. And for the first time THIS season. Thanks for all you do....nice to be back. You are a trooper. Hope you are all better from your illness last season. We need to keep you strong!

Jamie said...

Thanks Donovana!! :) Yep, all healed up! I thrashed my whole abdominal wall, took about 6 months to heal. not fun. lol It still acts up once in a while but just a small ouch, nothing to write home about.

James said...

It looks like we have ourselves a good old case of BB mob rule. It has certainly happened in the past. I just wonder how many really want Elissa out or are just going along with the crowd. People need to ask themselves if she is really a threat to their game (yes a few of the girls and no to most others). I also think that the MVP thing is really hurting her because they all see her as an MVP threat, but the MVP's power is really fairly limited and the MVP can't protect themselves.

She is certainly lucky to have been picked. New she just needs herself or David to win. Not sure if Howard will throw it (he probably will). The problem with David is he may just be dumb enough to go along with some of the girls and not take himself off the block if he wins POV in an attempt to backdoor Elissa by taking Candice or Jessie off. That would be quite stupid because the TMC (5 guy alliance) wants David out and really does not care about Elissa. In that case David may just go.


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