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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday, y'all!! :D I was gonna make a post before bedtime last night but as I looked to see what we've missed for the 4 hour time span that I was gone, I saw that nothing really happened, so I figured I'd just do the Overnighter in the morning...and now, here I am!

While I slurp down my iced coffee, I'm gonna go through the feeds and see what all we've missed and I'll start posting my findings.

It seems that Operation Save Elissa is still going strong, but now we have Nick/Spencer/Jeremy on board as well.

12:15am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 1
The two of them are going over votes to get David evicted this week. Helen said they need to get Candice on their side. Talk switches gears to Amanda; McCrae is worried that she could be a risk. Helen tells him she's worried about the amount of time that Amanda is spending with the other alliance, but McCrae says it's the other alliance that's always "cornering" her. McCrae mentions (and has actually told Amanda last night) that she needs to stop being so abrasive with others. Helen tells McCrae that he needs to try to control Amanda a little more, McCrae agrees & said that Amanda is a control freak.

Helen thinks that Jessie will go nuts after the blindside eviction of David this week, and that's their chance to pull her over to their side.

12:26am BBT:
Cam  1

GinaMarie: "Come step into my office, it'll only take a minute..I just got a quick question...are you voting for Elissa (to stay)?"
Spencer: "Yea."
GinaMarie: "Oh you are? OK. That's all I wanted to know!"

Spencer laughs.

GinaMarie tells Spencer the votes they have to vote out Elissa so far:

12:36am BBT:
Backyard Lounger

Jeremy and Kaitlin did some flirting, he tickled her, and then comes the a way that only Jeremy could deliver.

Kaitlin: "Awwkwardd...whatcha thinkin'?"
Jeremy: "That I wanna choke you out & kiss you, at the same time."
Me: O_o

Well, whatever floats their boat, I guess.

Meanwhile upstairs in the HOH room, McCrae is telling Amanda that she's his sanity in the house.

12:43am BBT:
Cam 3
Retro Bedroom

Candice comes in and tells David/Jessie that Aaryn went off on her about her hat being bent & asked Jessie is she's the one who told Aaryn that she (Candice) sat on her hat. Jessie said no and she didn't know about it until David just told her.

Candice said she had her hat for "like 5 minutes" and was gonna put back on the counter, when Aaryn saw her hat was bent and got mad.

1:10am BBT:
Cam 2
Helen told Candice that there's a reason why she (C) was taken off the block, and there's also a reason why David is still on the block.

Helen: "Aaryn is bummin' around like she owns this game, but trust me, she's gonna get a big f***king surprise at eviction, so don't even worry about it."
Candice: "Okay."
Helen: "You don't know anything.." (aka "don't tell anyone you know this")
Candice: "Promise."

*This is Helen trying to get Candice to "their side", per her convo with McCrae @ 12:15am BBT.

2:33am BBT:
Cam 3
Have Nots Room
Helen is telling Elissa that Aaryn is gonna be stunned when David gets evicted on Wednesday and that's gonna make her (Aaryn) fight hard to win HOH, but they (Elissa/Helen) can't let Aaryn win HOH because they're gonna be her #1 targets for eviction if she does.

Helen: "We have to win (HOH)."
Elissa: "Ok."
Helen: "You need to buck up, put your mind in the game, just ignore (Aaryn)..."
Elissa: "Yea."

2:34am BBT:
Cam 2
Lounge Room

Jeremy/Kaitlin are talking about how they know that David's probably going home this week, but Jeremy said it's out of their control but to not let that get to their heads or let it effect their fight to win HOH.

Kaitlin: "I though the whole house was up for (getting rid of Elissa).."
Jeremy: "I did, too. Until about 2 o'clock today."

Jeremy said they can't tell them (David/Aaryn) because they'll both  freak out & that will really put a bigger target on them (K/J).

Talk turns to about Andy wanting to get Jeremy out, which is making Jeremy wanna go after Andy. 

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D

So it seems that David is still a goner this week. I'm more interested in seeing Aaryn's reaction & who wins HOH on Wednesday.

Today is "Summer Sunday", which is my "off" day for the week from BB, where I go out & do something outside...away from the computer...far, far away from the computer. lol :P But I will be back tonight for the 8pm EST show tonight! I'll make a new post about an hour before the show begins. See ya then & if you're dying to know what's going on in the house, then have a look for yourself on the live feeds!! Later, gators!

Stay tuned...
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volibear said...

did u notice the controversy with Aaryns comments last night being very well im not sure how to describe it and that mc and amanda started to fool around and the camera left them just two interesting things from the night and wonder if it will continue.

Trevor said...

Gina Marie is a racist and needs to be kicked off the show. The things she says about Candace and Howard are unacceptable. She has also said some nasty things about Helen.

James said...


There is a conversation that starts at about 4 am in the backyard couches between Jeremy and Nick that I think is very important. As you know, they are both in the MC alliance but are apparently mostly ignoring each other throughout the day to maintain cover. Nick said he finally gets a chance to talk. They are both very much on board with TMC 100%. Jeremy (a pig and a slimeball) will use Kaitlin and dump her. He says it may actually be better to evict her sooner rather than later so as not to screw up his game. He just hopes that he can have sex with her before he sends her packing. They laugh (ugh!). Nick says that Jeremy got the “prime meat” this season in Kaitlin. Nick goes on and says that he wants Amanda out because she disgusts him. He says to play this game emotionless and knows that they will go to the final 5 because their alliance is strong and secret. This is basically the Brigade 2.0 except with much bigger slimballs (at least in Jeremy and Nick). There has to be a way of stopping theses guys. I don’t want to repeat BB12. McCrae is the only one of the 5 that I am even supporting (Howard is a good guy but just super boring and says almost nothing.) I have to say that they reached pretty deep in the bottom of the barrel to pick most on this cast. Elissa is by far the most decent and virtually never uses profanity. I really like her and hope she stays awhile.

PS: McRae and Amanda had a kissing session last night (gross).


Jamie said...

Aaryn is really something. She needs to go.

James, thank you so much! I will post about that later. :)

Neche said...

Aaryn is the Racist one. GinaMarie.......Well what can I really say, she isn't very bright!

Ste ven said...

I just wonder if 20 year old men these days not wear shirts indoors. Ive always been confused about why men in the BB house never have shirts on. Its one thing when youre at the pool or going in and out during the day, but t hese guys never have shirts on BB...Is it macho guys wanting to show off their chests like proud peacocks. Ive never seen so many guys that are always shirtless...and sadly most of them this year dont have much to look at even though they think they do

Alyssa said...

Hey all,

Does anyone know how to pop out the feed to a new window? I want to have 2 cams going on at once but I want the pop out to be just the video.


Unknown said...

I feel like so much happened yesterday.... I did see David completely expose himself (not on purpose, I think?!?) twice. Apparently, it happened more than that though, lol. Aaryn got into several tiffs yesterday... This season is like watching a frat house!

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