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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 Twists + Cast Reveal + Who's the "Familiar Face"?

Happy Wednesday, bb addicts!! Can you believe it? We are now just *1 WEEK* away from BB15 starting!! My oh my, how this month fly by!

Okay, so let's get to the latest...

2 Twists:

There are 2 twists so far (I'm sure more will come as the season happens, as usual). Here they are...

1) Per yesterdays post, there will indeed be 3 Nominated HG's per week, instead of the usual 2.
2) America will vote weekly to determine who is the MVP houseguest of the week.

(The powers of the MVP won't be revealed until premiere night.)

Cast Reveal:
Tomorrow, we can cast our vote for who want to be MVP for the 1st week of BB15. CBS will be revealing the BB15 cast so we can pick who we want. (What we're basing our votes on, I have no clue. lol) The voting starts in the morning, so I would assume that's when the cast will be revealed. Oooo I can't wait!!!! :D

Who's the "Familiar Face"?
Yesterday I posted the Video of the BB15 House Tour with Jule Chen, where she told us that we will see a "familiar face" this season. Since then, the Rumor Mill has been in overdrive!! But the 1 rumor that's gaining steam is that the "familiar face" will be the sister of Big Brother former alumni, Rachel Reilly. (Her name is Elissa Reillly).
They look alike, don't they?! Could she be the "familiar face"? We'll find out tomorrow!

BB15 House Pics:
We saw the video of the BB15 house tour yesterday, but if you wanna get a better look at it, then clickity click here for the pics.

If you haven't yet snagged up the Live Feeds Early Bird Special yet, you might wanna hurry up & do it sooner rather than later! This deal is gonna be going, going, GONE next week!!

Okay ladies & gents, that's it for now! Check back here tomorrow for the cast reveal!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Michelle said...

Good Gosh, PLEASE nothing even semi having to do with RR or BV this year.... please Grodner, PLEASE!!

Jamie said...


Ashley Bronander said...

I kind of hope the "familiar face" is Russell Hantz - he can show Willie how it's done! I really like the lay out of the house. It's so clean now but that won't last long...

James said...

There is an interview with Julie Chen on a San Diego TV station and the background for Julie is the new front of the house. It looks really cool.

The link for the interview is:


Jamie said...

thanks for the video James!

Ashley: that'd be interesting to watch! lol

Kim M said...

Got signed up for my live feeds today! I think the voting for the MVP of the week is what is supposed to make it a "no floaters" season (aka if the houseguests want America to vote them as the MVP/give them some power, they know they can't float or they won't get votes).

Jamie said...

yayy Kim!! if you got them thru the blog, then thank you for the support!!

yea, i was thinking the same thing re: MVP powers. they know us BB fans hate floaters and so maybe they're leaving it up to us to get'em outta there. we'll find out on premiere night what the MVP powers are. cant wait!! :)

Trevor said...

This MVP thing will be a diaster. Get ready for the "all-american" cast member to get all the votes.

April and Joy said...

Hey Jamie!! Thank you for all your hard work keeping us up to date, we bought the live feeds through your site and are super excited!! This is our first year getting the feeds in 10 seasons of watching BB so it will be awesome to join in on the fun. Can't wait for the cast reveal tomorrow morning. NO SLEEP! lol!

Name4chatting said...

I signed up for the live to figure out how to do it on my cell. Any idea how to watch it on an android? Years ago there was an app.

L.E.A Creations said...

Cant wait for the 26th for 2 reasons! That is the day of my scheduled csection and of course bb15! Im I'm already planning for all visitors to be gone from the hospital by the time it comes on lol! I had my first son on finale night 4 years ago after breaking my water laughing at jeff! Was watching your blog the majority time of my labor! Thank u for all your hard work and cant wait to follow u again for another season!

Jamie said...

LOL!! An early congrats to you on having the baby!! Here's hoping to a healthy beautiful baby & a speedy recovery! :D

Thanks for following me for another season sweetie!

Jamie said...

Name4Chatting: you just point your phones browser to and view it online, as far as I know. We'll find out for sure once they go live. I know there won't be an app, so I'm guessing just to go to CBS's website on your mobile device. :)

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