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Friday, June 28, 2013

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

It's Day 2 of the live feeds and if it's gonna be anything like yesterday, I'm gonna be sippin' coffee all day long. ;) Yesterday was insane!

Just to get everyone caught up to speed, it seems that HOH McCrae is gonna pull Candice off the block, put up Elissa, but is gunning for David to go home this week. At least, that's the plan for now. We'll see what develops from here on out, though.

The HG's are finally off of their inside-lockdown for the 1st time since the feeds went live Weds night, so get ready for backyard pics today!

The HG's started waking up around 9:50am BBT. (I had to run some errands real quick, so I've missed about an hour of the feeds.) But have no fear, I'll get us quickly caught up & then on with the morning report! :D

10am BBT-11:30am BBT:

*Andy/Judd talked this morning and it seems that they're leaning towards not getting Elissa out. Why? Because they feel they'd more of a target without Elissa in the house.

*Jeremy revelaed to Spencer that he's just using Kaitlin and will have no trouble "kicking her to the curb" when he needs to. He also proclaimed that his loyalty is with McCrae.

*Spencer told Jeremy that he thinks McCrae wants David out this week. Jeremy is fine with that. Howard, who was also there, agreed.

*Judd told Helen that he'll teach her how to shotgun a beer soon. (Helen mentioned how she's not really a drinker but at this point, she'd drink a bottle of rum. lol)

*Helen/Andy talked. Andy said that they're not on Elissa's radar (so they should keep her this week). Helen, who wants to save Elissa as well, said that "they" (other HG's) will go after Elissa next week, so they still won't be a target next week if Elissa sticks around.

*Aaryn is chalking up her crazy behavior with David yesterday to hormonal changes (yesterday, she took the last pill of her birth control for this cycle.) 

*Jeremy mentioned that he wants Amanda out. (Nick said the same thing last night. McCrae agreed with Nick, but since he's kinda 'with' Amanda, not sure how truthful McCrae was on agreeing.)

*Elissa/Aaryn, who have been feuding, "hugged it out" this morning around 11:15am BBT. (This is Elissa mending fences.) Aaryn was nice, but not sure how accepting of the peace offering she is. Time will tell.

11:36am BBT:

All feeds are on Helen/Aaryn in the bathroom. Friendly chatter.

12:00pm BBT:
No game talk between any HG's at the moment.
Cam 1: Amanada on BY couch.
Cam 2: view of Elissa/Helen on lounger. (Helen/Amanda were just talking about high school bullies.)
Cam 3: McCrae in the kitchen.
Cam 4: HG's in/out of the kitchen and dining room area.

I will note that Jessie's bikini that she's wearing today is SUPER cute!! I'll get a good screenshot of it and post it.

12:02pm BBT:
Elissa/Helen are now talking about if they got teased/bullied in school and why.

12:10pm BBT:

Aaryn tells David about Elissa mending fences with her this morning. She said she can "forgive and forget" but it doesn't matter because she's "gone this week anyways". (**don't bet on it.)

12:22pm BBT:
Elissa is getting ready to go yoga in the backyard and invited everyone to join her if they want.

12:24pm BBT:
HOH Room
David is making sure that he's safe this week. McCrae is lying through his teeth and telling he's good and that he's for sure putting up Elissa. (**remember, the plan is to put up Elissa but get David out.)

David: "I dunno, dude. I was just, like, trippin' out."

McCrae continues to feed him bullcrap and David is seemingly buying it. David said he thinks he (McC) is working with Elissa. McC denies it.

David tells McCrae that if he (David) goes this week, then the people he's "rolling with" will gun after him next week.

McC: "We gotta take (Elissa) out, because she's just gonna keep winning MVP. Espeically if she's Rachel's sister."
David: "Oh, she is."(**Elissa told David she's Rachel's sister.)

12:31pm BBT:
David: "Are you taking Candice down because she's a floater?"
McCrae: "She was pissed for me putting her up and was saying "Game on, game on!"..there's a strong probably she could win HOH next week, so.."

This is on-going. David is paranoid (*rightfully so), and McCrae is lying, though McC is telling the truth that Candice is coming off and Elissa is going up. (What he's not telling David is that he's probably gonna be the one to go at this point.)

David: "It'd really suck to go first, ya know."
McCrae: "Totally suck."
David: "I believe she's going up, but I totally don't believe if it's me or her (going), though."
McCrae: "I'll be tellin' everyone to take her out."

They end their convo. David leaves. McCrae stays in the HOH room. (He's exhausted because he didn't sleep well last night, the HOH room was too hot and he was sweating all night.)

12:53pm BBT:
Elissa is doing yoga with Aaryn in the backyard.

Other HG's are roaming around in/out of the house or lounging in the backyard/pool.

Helen/Andy/Amanda are in the kitchen.
12:56pm BBT:
Jeremy/Kaitlin are on a lounger together in the backyard.
Jeremy is talking about he paints & draws. Kaitlin went to art school and also draws.

Jeremy: "I think you'd like my paintings."
Kaitlin: "Probably."

1:17pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

*McCrae/Jessie/Judd are in the pool.
*Jeremy/Kaitlin are still lounging together.

1:30pm BBT:
Random pics...

Nick in the backyard.
Jessie tanning poolside.

Kaitlin helping Jeremy remove a splinter from his foot:

BB yelled at them to put on their mics.
Jeremy: "Sorry, my man. Was pulling a splinter out of my foot."

1:36pm BBT:
Nick & David are talking about David's job as a lifeguard.
Nick: "You're not gonna lose your job for coming here (on BB), right?"
David: "I hope not!"
Nick: "You won't, you're Ken!" (re: looking like a Ken doll.)

Stay tuned...
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