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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House (Veto Ceremony Results)

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! Today is the Veto Ceremony where McCrae is set to take Candice off the block (and then tell her to vote the way he wants her to on eviction night to ensure David's departure this week), and then put up Elissa in her place. While it may appear, at least to half the house, that Elissa will be going home, that is not the case. David will be going home this week. At least that's what the plan is right now.

At 12:30pm BBT, Aaryn caught Jessie rubbing sunscreen on David's back and Aaryn got mad at that. Jessie apologized. 

At 12:50pm BBT, BB told the HG's to go outside for a lockdown. This all part of the veto ceremony process. Ever since then, there's been fishies on the feeds.

1:01pm BBT:
Feeds still on fishies! Looks like we have a Veto Ceremony underway! :D As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the results below.

1:27pm BBT:
Feeds are back! Hang tight while I gather info...

Candice is wearing the veto neckalce!

The Veto was used to save:


The Replacement Nom is:


Candice was saved from the block by McCrae. Elissa is acting sad that she's up on the block. (It's an act to fool the other HG's that aren't part of the Save Elissa plan).

1:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeremy is in the HOH room talking to McCrae & Amanda about how Elissa "needs to go", and they're playing along by agreeing. Amanda asked who Jeremy is gunning for, he said if he won HOH, he'd probably put up Candice again.

Jeremy: "I wanna get the floaters out. I wanna play the best with the best."
Amanda: "The worst is having a floater make it (to the end) because like, they don't deserve.." 
Jeremy: "Nobody is gonna be safe when I'm (HOH)."

Jeremy & Co are now talking about 'when Elissa leaves'. Jeremy hopes America votes for a player in BB for MVP, rather than a floater or someone who has a famous sister like Elissa.

Jeremy: "I have to make sure I'm not one of the first 4 out, I have to make it to jury."
Jeremy/McCrae tell each other (playfully/being competitive) that they're gonna go after each other in the game. 

**It's a slow day in the house, so I'm gonna go make dinner & then go out to a movie. My brain is begging me for a change of scenery. lol ;)  I'll probably make a quickie post before bed tonight with any/all juicy details from the late afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, y'all! :D Those of you who already have the feeds, enjoy!

Those of you who don't, whatcha waiting for?! They're only $26.99 for the ENTIRE 3 months season!! Get your feeds & get addicted like the rest of us! ;)

Stay tuned...
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