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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Morning in the BB House

Good morning, HG's! It's time to wake up, scheme, get paranoid, and hopefully fight a lil bit. ;) hehe BB woke up the houseguests at around 8:10am BBT.

When the live feeds came back on, we saw Howard praying, Judd trying to talk to Amanda/McCrae in the HOH room (Amanda wasn't having it though, she didn't want to hear game that early), & Adam/Jessie/Aaryn getting ready in the bathroom.

The feeds soon switched to Elissa/Helen in the Have Not room talking.

8:40am BBT:
Have Not Room

Helen gives Elissa solid advice & advises her to not freak out, stay calm. (Basically, don't rock anybodys boat.) Talk switches gears to why David would throw the POV Comp. Helen's not sure if he actually threw it (**pretty sure he did.) and wonders why he would do that so early in the game. Elissa then talks about Aaryn being on a medication called adderall (which is used for ADHD). Elissa said she wonders if Aaryn isn't mentally all there. (She was more concern, than slamming her for it.)

9:00am BBT:
Helen is jogging in the backyard.

9:07am BBT:
Dining Room Table
Howard/Andy were talking about their memory wall pics, then about morning joggers.

Andy: "When I see people jogging early in the morning, I just wanna scream "Why aren't you back in bed? What's wrong with you??"

Howard chuckles. (**So do I. lol)

Talk turns to what this seasons BB schedule is (veto comp, pov ceremy, etc.)

Sidenote: We may have the POV Ceremony today, hence why the HG's were woken up so early.

9:19am BBT:
A look at the Quad Cam...

9:24am BBT:
HG's are slowly gathering on the BY couch.

Andy is talking about how he "love love loves" his job, but only makes around $28k a year.

9:29am BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie just confirmed that today's the veto ceremony. Production told her.
Jessie asked McCrae why is Candice coming off the block & not her. McCrae told her not to worry, she's safe, he's only taking Candice off because she'd be mad and mess up the votes.

Jessie walked back out of the HOH room a minute later.

10:03am BBT:
Quad View on the feeds...

McCrae/Amanda are lightly chatting in the HOH bed.
Candice/Helen/Jessie are in the kitchen.

10:26am BBT:
Living Room

GinaMarie comes stubling in, tired as all heck.
Andy makes a joke to GinaMarie.

Andy: "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the cl**t piercing, today?"
GinaMarie: "No, I'm just really tired."

McCrae/Jessie/Spencer/Howard  are in & out of the kitchen area.

10:55am BBT:
HG's are waiting around for the veto ceremony, no game talk going on.

11:01am BBT:

McC & Helen are playing a game of chess.

12:18pm BBT:
Storage Room

**Note: If it seems that Elissa is mad at Amanda, remember it's just an act.

The girls are in the storage room, they're going over the game plan to save Elissa this week.

And that's it for the Morning report! I'm taking a break, but I'll have the feeds on and will keep tabs on what's going on. The Veto Ceremony is happening today. When? Who knows. Enjoy the live feeds!! :D (Psssst..they're only $26.99 for the ENTIRE SEASON!! Super duper cheap this year.)

Stay tuned...
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amberose said...

My goodness, that screen shot of Elissa could be Rachel, its uncanny.

michaelnsync said...

r we sure there isnt a twist where they switch Elissa and Rachel out? They look way too much alike, espiecally not all dolled up.

Donna Parker said...

michaelnsynch - it wouldn't work because their noses are different. Rachael's has more of a hook at the end

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