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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Overnighter

Happy Saturday, y'all!! :D What a crazy past couple of days on the live feeds!! I've never seen so many alliances formed (I think we're up to 352 alliances in the house at this point lol ;) ), soooo much game talk, mixed with paranoia and's great entertainment, I'll tell ya that!!

Okay, so let me try to get everyone caught up speed here:

*Elissa will be saved this week. David will be going home.

*McCrae will tell Candice that he'll pull her off the block if she'll vote the way he wants her to.

*Candice is currently alliance-less & is considered a "wild card".

*Hopefully Candice complies & does what McCrae wants, because she'll be the 7th vote to save Elissa if she does.

*The 6 HG's voting for Elissa to stay are: Howard, Spencer, Amanda, Helen, Andy and Judd (which is part of the "Older People Alliance", which also has McCrae & Elissa in it.)

Of course, it's only Saturday and eviction is on Wednesday. That's a looooong time from now & things can (and most likely will) change between now and then. Not to mention, everytime I blink, there's a new alliance being formed. (I think the rubber ducky in the pool is even in an alliance).

If you saw Amanda being "mad" at Elissa last night, that was just a hoax to throw people off so that the other half of the house doesn't suspect she's in on the plan to save Elissa.

Moving on...

*The "Older People Alliance" wants to save Elissa because they believe she'll win MVP every week because she's Rachel's sister. This is their way of "controlling" the MVP vote.

*Amanda told Elissa to act like she's still going home, even though they're saving her.
*Amanda wants their allaince to go after Jeremy next week.

*Andy said his "Gaydar" (aka gay radar lol) was "pinging" when he first saw Nick. Nick denies being gay and says that often people think he's gay because he's picky with girls. Both Spencer/Andy think that Nick is "hiding something".

*Amanda told Elissa that she needs to "come clean" to those saving her about her being Rachel's sister. (Why she's hiding it when the cat is already out of the bag, is beyond me.)

*Jeremy/Kaitlin did more kissing last night.

*Spencer told Nick that he's in an alliance ("mega alliance") with Amanda/Judd/Andy. (**Add that one to the list of alliances.) Nick said he thinks Amanda and Helen are threats. Spencer told Nick that Amanda thinks Nick is a "floater" & is working with GinaMarie.

*Spencer told Nick his loyalty is still with "The Moving Company" alliance. (Nick, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, and Jeremy) Nick said he wants Amanda out. Spencer agreed & added that he also wants Aaryn, Kaitlin, Andy gone pre-jury. They both think that Amanda/Andy/Helen/Judd are clueless.

If you wanna watch the Nick/Spencer convo (it's a long one!), Flashback to 4:15am BBT.
Their convo goes on for nearly 2 hrs.

Okay, that's it for now! Since there was so much to cover, and it's already soooo confusing this early in the game, I figured I'd just do a lighter version of the Overnighter. I hope y'all are okay with that. With so much info, 16 HG's, alliances forming every 5 minutes, it's a lot to take in for only Day 3 of the feeds. :P

I'm gonna make breakfast as the HG's are still sleeping (as of 8:05am BBT, but it seems BB might be waking them up because we have fishies on the feeds.) Either way, I'll be starting the morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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Nancy said...

At this point I don't try and keep it all straight. Eliminate a few people so I can remember who's who and then I'll start really paying attention! So briefer recaps are fine with me.

Jamie said...

lol! Awesome! :) Two others told me they liked the shorter post as well, too confusing otherwise. thanks for the feedback!!

Dana Lynn said...

Can they form anymore alliances? I'm getting a headache just trying to keep up!!! LOL! Dana

Cher said...

I agree! I have such a love hate relationship with a new season....I'm so happy but there's just so many people and it gets sooo confusing! 16 people this year isn't helping, but I can definitely say I like Elissa so I hope she stays around for awhile.

Jamie said...

totally agree! its hard to keep up this season.

Tiffany Rhodes said...

This is the BEST BLOG AROUND!! Thank you for you time every BIG BROTHER SEASON!!

Tiffany Rhodes said...


Jamie said...

thanks Tiffany!! :D

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