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Friday, June 28, 2013

Evening Post

Good evening (or afternoon, if you're on the West Coast). Nothing game changing happened since the last post, but there's a ton of paranoia & crazy floating around in the house. That much is for sure!

David is super paranoid that he's gonna get evicted this week. Aaryn went a little coo coo on David again..saying how he doesn't trust her, she can't trust him, you're not listening, etc etc.  Ooooook then. 0_o
If you wanna watch that, go to 3:35pm BBT. It is interesting to note though that during their convo, David told Aaryn that Jeremy is suspicious of Jessie/Aaryn knowing each other outside the house & thus working together in the house. This leaves Aaryn to wonder if Jeremy is gonna wanna get Jessie out of the house. David also mentioned that Jeremy said maybe they shouldn't trust the girls (he thinks the girls are in an alliance). Aaryn's response to that is that she thinks Jeremy's paranoia is gonna ruin his game as well as David's.

Moving on...

4:01pm BBT:
Storage Room

Nick & Spencer have a quick little pow wow in the storage room. They agree that David needs to go this week, but how to get the votes. Spencer's worried about exposing the votes. Nick wants Candice to swear that she'll vote out David.

4:19pm BBT:
Jeremy/David talk while working out in the backyard. David asked Jeremy if he'd have votes to save him this week. Jeremy wonders if they'd try to take him (David) him out so early in the game. They discuss that they could possibly get Judd or Howards vote.

4:47pm BBT:

Jeremy/Aaryn hash things out as Aaryn showers. He tells her he just wants things back to normal.

Jeremy: "I see what you're saying, I need to come to you if I have a problem. And I will."

4:50pm BBT:
Storage Room

Kaitlin is angry at Jeremy because of his suspicions of McCrae/Kaitlin being related somehow. (**I must of really missed something earlier while making dinner. I'm lost on this one. lol) She goes on saying that she spends every night with him and kisses him (Jeremy) and why won't he just talk to her about it instead of telling Aaryn stuff.

**This all sounds like petty stuff to me & too many people are over-reacting. I'm moving on.

Alright guys, I've hit a wall. I'm outta here for the night! I'm still gonna watch the feeds, so I'll post if something major goes down. Otherwise, have a wonderful night & see y'all tomorrow!

Enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Lisa Hackey said...

Ok so I can believe I'm about to say this but... I actually like Elissa! I mean I was prepared to hate her but she's not acting anything like her sister. It's only week one though so we shall see ;D.
The only thing that IS annoying is her constant duck face but she's def one of the girls who gets on my nerves the least.

JChism said...

I hate all the vulgar language. It's so not necessary. I get the guys talking that way, but some of these women, it's so trashy. I end up turning off the feeds because it really gets to be too much.

Dana Lynn said...

Thanks for writing this!!! You are a life saver! I hate not having the live feed, but you are keeping me up-to-date! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!! Dana in Florida

Carly Hyland said...

Do jessie and aaryn actually know each other from outside the house? Or is it just paranoia?

Lisa Hackey said...

Lol Jeremy is paranoid because he has 572 alliances already.

DiamondEye SevenRecords said...

i wanted to see what campaign helen worked on so i googled "helen kim campaign" and this came up it says she's really self-employed as a dry cleaner operator. not saying it's legit though.

James said...

I totally agree about the vulgar language. Candice in her pre-BB interviews seemed so nice and down to earth and talked about faith. But in the house she drops the f-bomb every other sentence. It's a huge turnoff. Even Helen, whom I like and I really doubt she speaks that way out of the house, cusses more than I would expect I think to "fit in". It is totally unnecessary and doesn't fit in with her mom image. Pleas Helen, be yourself. Elissa on the other hand so far is great for me and I don't understand the problem some have with her, although she was probably playing too hard to early before the feeds were up.


Carl Mack said...

Did you see GinaMarie faceplant into the ground at like 9:22-9:23pm BBT?

viewtifuljoe93 said...

Thank you for taking time to so this <3

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