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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tour of BB15 House with Julie Chen

It's here, it's here!! The BB15 House Tour with Julie Chen is here!! :D

Take a look at the house that we're gonna be seeing on the live feeds all season long:

Okay, so thanks to the house tour, we now know the following:

*16 Houseguests, with 1 HG being a "familiar face". (Rumor has it that it's a past Survivor contestant.)

*Nomination chairs are gone, but there's a couch instead. (3 nominations this season possibly.)

*America will have a huge impact on the nominations every week (to save a nomination, perhaps?)

Also, don't forget that this season is a "No Floater Season", as Julie Chen said last week.

Lots of info to soak in, BB addicts!! :D I'm getting excited about the season now that I've seen the house. (I can't wait to meet the houseguests!)

We are *8 DAYS* away from BB15 starting, which means times running out for y'all to snag up the Early Bird Special (just $23.99 for the whole entire season!!) 

Stay tuned...
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porkypeg said...

All of this information..I can't wait! I wish it would start already!

James said...

It looks like the architect design room is the central room. The colorful room is the side room to the right (have not room the last 2 seasons) and the back room is yet to be revealed (likely the have not room this year, just like in seasons 11 and 12).

I'm thinking maybe Malcolm from the last 2 seasons of Survivor is a houseguest. Just a guess but they seem to like him and he seems to like being on reality TV.

I think the HOH will nominate 2 HG's and America will nominate the 3rd. This would fit into the no floaters twist. You float and America nominates you. Just a guess or you could be right in that they save someone.

I noticed a door in the tour that I had never seen. At the end of the hall outside the HOH room just past the chess area, there is a door that I have never seen. It seems like it used to just be an end with the balcony banister wrapping around.

Looking forward to the season Jamie. I'll sign up for Live Feeds soon.


James said...

Big time rumors that Rachel Riley's sister Elissa Slater is a HG.


Trevor said...

Not sure you can have a no floater season? How do you prevent that ?

Trevor said...

How do you prevent floating? Seems impossible

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie , :) I am So excited this is killing me! I was wondering do You think the feed watchers will be able to see the ladies of the Talk when they are in the BB house? I really hope so ~
This is going to be a KIck Ass season..... BB15

James said...

Just got the live feeds through your link.

Thanks Jamie. Look forward to the season.


Jamie said...

thank you so much James!!! :D

Hummingbird: you'll be able to watch the ladies of The Talk inside the BB house air next Weds! (check your local listing times).

it'll be interesting to see!

The Naughty Diva said...

Does anyone know where the comforter in the HOH room is from? I love it!

The Naughty Diva said...

Does anyone know where the comforter came from in the HOH room? I LOVE it!

Michelle Kunst said...

I want to know too.... Where did they get the comforter/duvet cover from the HOH room????? Anyone know where I can find it?

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