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Friday, June 21, 2013

First Impressions of the BB15 Houseguests

Happy Friday, addicts!! :D We are just *5 DAYS* away from BB15 starting, which means we are only 4 days away from the Live Feeds Early Bird Special expiring. (No promo code is needed in the code box, so skip that part.) Thank you for using the links here on the blog to sign up, it supports the blog & keeps me here all summer long to blog for y'all! :D I really appreciate the support! Those who have already donated to the Tip Jar, THANK YOU!!! You guys rock!!

Okay, so today I took an hour out of my day and watched all of the short (2-3 mins) videos being interviewed by former BB alumni, Jeff Schroeder. Every year, I skip the long interviews and just do the quick vids or skim through their bios. Why? Well, there's something about that house that makes sane people insane. Logic thinkers, think irrationally. Care free people, turn into paranoid monsters. You know, all the great stuff that makes BB our guilty pleasure to watch every summer. ;) hehe

So for those of you who can't watch the videos (due to being too busy or whatnot), I decided to give a brief recap of all the interviews, along with my own quick impressions.

High energy, likeable, single & ready to mingle...but knows that getting involved on the show would be bad. (**this means a showmance could be his downfall.)

He's a huge BB fan since BB6. Seems pretty chill, down to earth. He's not that clean of a person, though:  he hates doing dishes, but is gonna try to step it up in the house & clean.

Ok, her voice annoys me. lol She's also single & ready to mingle. She also said she wouldn't mind a showmance, she's always looking for love. Claims to be really emotional and wears her heart on the sleeve. She thinks she's a little gullible.

A newbie-fan of BB, seems naturally flirtatious, plays with peoples minds, doesn't like conformation.She hates whinny & loud people. Doesn't trust many people.

COCKY! Arrogant. Likes to think of himself as a "straight shooter". He said he "knows" hes cute, & that there is a fine line between cocky/confident, so he tries to balance on that line. Women in the house (that he's interested in) will be his downfall but plans on using them to further his game. Plans on playing ruthless, cut-throat. Doesn't like to lose & doesn't back down from nobody. (**ooo!! this outta be good. ;) )

Very happily married with 2 kids, worked in politics for several years and plans on keeping that hidden from the HG's. She's a fast talker with high-energy. Seems to be a bit of a talker. (**not looking forward to transcribing her all summer lol) 

She's married, seems a lot like her sister Rachel (former BB alumni) as far as being high-energy. Doesn't care what people say about her. Seems kinda flaky & fake. (**Anybody shocked by this?)

Single & will use her "skimpy bikinis" and bedroom eyes to get what she wants. She knows that showmances are a bad idea, but also knows "you never know until it happens" as far as hooking up with someone. Claims to be non-judgmental. She's a total player. Definitely one to watch out for.

Likable. She's a BB fan, very competitive. Seems like a sweet girl. She works with children with disabilities. She's a former NFL cheerleader. Her game plan is to "roll with the punches" in the house to win. She is
"super single" & also ready to mingle. She's open for a showmance. She also competed in MIss USA a couple of years ago & had to live with 50 girls in a house for a month, which she thinks prepared her for BB.

HUGE bb fan, calls himself a superfan. He loves meeting new people, delivers pizza for a job, very likeable. Also interested in a showmance, called himself a "ladies man" (lol) and a flirt. Seems easy going.

Country boy, drinker & outdoorsman, currently he's "broke as a joke" but would like to donate money to St Judes if he won. Has a bad temper (***yay!) but usually an easy going guy. He said he will standup for himself, friends in the house, and/or weaker people in the house. (**this guy sounds like he'll be entertaining to watch on the feeds. hehe)

He's a Youth mentor & advocate, he's a "big dude with a big heart". Says he's open/social, a deep thinker, a good guy, a little bit low-key.

Reminds me a lot of Jojo from last season. High-energy, she's outspoken, a BB fan, people person with a strong attitude, wants to be well-liked in the house.

Kinda reminds me of Hayden. says "dude" and "bro" a lot. He's a BB fan. He's also "single & ready to mingle". Says he's very competitive, likes to be in 1st place. Doesn't shower everyday & thinks that'll be a problem with other HG's. He said that being in the pool will be his "shower", he's a "hippie" and doesnt wash his hair. He seems pretty likeable, has a good energy about him.


 His smile is contagious. Claims to be a huge "people person", afraid he'll turn into a "crier" from missing his friends & family so much, he's also a "happy crier" when overcome with happy feelings. He said he's a calm and collective guy while in high-stress situations. He's not religious and wouldn't mind swearing on the bible becuase it does
nt mean much to him.

She's a huge bb fan, seen almost every season. She's single, very picky on men. Claims she's very girly and likes to dress up. Seems like a sweet girl.

Okay, so that's it! What were your impressions of the HG's? Who are you looking forward to seeing on the feeds all summer? I think this cast has EXCELLENT potentinal for fights, showmances, and tears. Ahhhh...all the ingrediants that make up Big Brother! ;)

CAN'T WAIT!!! :D So frickin' excited.

*5 days until BB15!
*4 days until the Early Bird Special is gone!

Stay tuned...
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TaraRay said...

Yay! Thanks for taking the time to give us an insight into the new house members. Can't wait! =]

TaraRay said...

Thanks Jamie! Can't wait! =]

TaraRay said...

Yay! Thanks for taking the time to give us an insight into the new house members. Can't wait! =]

MeInTex said...

Yay!! Got my livefeeds today through your blog. Can't wait!!! I voted for Amanda for the first MVP. Not exactly sure why. I don't think she will be my favorite. I guess I was thinking she looks tough enough and sly yet can pull off *likeable* enough to handle being the first MVP.

Jamie said...

thanks for the support Mel!! :D

Carl Mack said...

Just got my feeds today. I have been following your blogs since BB11, so this was a no-brainer to sign up through here. Keep up the good work, I say for all of us that we are much appreciative of what you do.

Gross said...

I like Amanda for some reason.

Thanks Jamie for doing this. I'm addicted to your blog!!! I've also gotten 3 other people addicted to it too!!!!

<3 u

Kayla Martin said...

I'm really bummed that almost all of the cast is in there 20s with the exception of one cast member in their 30s. I think when they have a larger age scale it makes for a more interesting game.

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