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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Early Bird Special Ending Soon + MORE!!

Happy Sunday, guys!! Can you believe we are just a few days away from BB15 starting??! I surely can't! With it starting 2 weeks earlier this year, I've been trying to have somewhat of a summer before I become a shut-in for the next 3 months. :P (Though I think I might take a day or two off this season to swim or go to the State Fair...kinda miss things like that.) I also realized yesterday that this will be my 7th BB season blogging. My 7th! My goodness, how time flies. :)

Okay, so I have a couple treats for y'all today, thanks to Sue on the blogs Facebook group.

1st up, we have a video of David's casting video for the tv show "American Ninja Warriror". This guy is gonna kill in physical & endurance comps!!

Impressive stuff right there!!

Next up, we have Nick's Classic Skating video from YouTube. Not only are his tricks impressive, but it shows how physically fit he is as well.

One word..WOW!!!!

I'm soooo looking forward to seeing how these guys perform this summer in comps. Gonna be interesting, for sure. 

The Live Feeds Early Bird Speical ends in just a couple of days, so hurry up & snag up the deal before it's gone!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone! :D

Stay tuned...
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DiamondEye SevenRecords said...

Nick seems like he has a superiority complex. He's super self-centered. When he talks it's me or I instead of being on point. Typical Nick interview so far ---> "Nick how does it feel to be cast on Big Brother?" "Well, I went to Yale and I'm a professional rollerblader." "Right, but are you excited to be a part of the new cast." "What? Oh, yeah sure why not." The video that you posted is the first time that I've seem him come off as being genuine and real (when he was talking about his wrist injury). That mindset is going to hurt him in the house, especially if he gets the first HOH, because when you get too confident it leaves an opening for backstabbing.

James said...

David's video is pretty impressive. I have seen Am Ninja Warrior and there are many that are even more impressive than that and can scale a 3 story building in 20 seconds, but still very impressive nonetheless. I just wonder how well David will do on the mental aspects of the comps and some of the girls will probably be better than him at endurance.

Nick's is also impressive and he is very much a daredevil. He seems to have a very big ego and is not afraid to take chances but I think he may come off a little too self absorbed for this show and I don't see him being a big factor, but I could be wrong and well see.

That said, there is some very physical player this year including Elissa who seems very fit and may be the queen of endurance.

I'm a little surprised that we have not seen one of the 1st photos after they moved in. We usually get an Andrew-masel tov photos by now waling in the door. Every season for many years they have moved in on Sat before premier. They need enough days to edit a 1st episode. Also I think it is the next day (today) that they do the group photo shoots in the backyard in the pool. We should be looking for that soon.


Nancy said...

Jamie, I can't wait for BB15 start. I recently purchased the live feeds via your link. You're the best BB blogger ever and thank you so much for time and effort you put into this. You're the best. I can't wait for the premiere. I'm hosting a BB15 premiere party so it should be fun. Hopefully I can get enough people to start a pool. Lol. Who should I put my money on? Help!

JB said...

Does anyone know if BB will be available on itunes the day after it airs on cbs?
Thank you..

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