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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Overnighter

*yawwwn* Good morning!! I'm having a late start today. I'm sooo tired! lol I think it's BB info overload from the 1st day of the feeds. :P

I have my iced coffee beside me..icing...and I'm gonna do a cliffnotes kind of edition of the Overnighter so we don't get too confused (I'd be writing a book for hours, and y'all wouldn't have time for that anyways.)

Sooo....let's hope to it!! :D

Yesterday at 1:45pm BBT in the HOH room, Helen/McCrae had a talk about saving Elissa & getting a guy out this week. (David)

Pair that convo with the Helen/Elissa convo yesterday at  9:46pm BBT (where Helen tells Elissa to "lay low" and "don't say much"), and we have ourselves a little 'Operation Save Elissa' in effect.

Helen (to Elissa): "I'm gonna try to get McCrae to get David to stay on the block..The other option would be to take David off & bring him over to our side and put Jeremy up. But I don't know if McCrae wants that much blood (on his hands). I think David is his target, anyway."

After Elissa/Helen's conversation was over, Elissa left the room & Helen was heard saying to herself  "If she (Elissa) breaks down, I cant help her. God, please don't break down.", so we know her intentions of saving Elissa are true.

Speaking of convos, while that one was taking place, Nick/McCrae were upstairs in the HOH talking.

McCrae wants David GONE this week. They talk about how they can make that happen. He's gonna take Candice off but McCrae wants to make sure that she'll vote "the way he wants her to" (to save Elissa).

McCrae: "(David) needs to go this week. We just gotta figure out how to do it.
Nick: "Oh okay, so you are for sure wanting to send home David.."
McCrae: "YEA! I don't want (Elissa) gone, but I want her put up (on the block) to appease the house...I want (David) gone, no matter what! We NEED to send him home, no matter what."

And there ya have it. McCrae's gonna try to get David evicted this week.

3:15am BBT:
HOH Room
McCrae spent a lot of time talking to Amanda last night about nominations/replacement nom.They both think David threw the Veto Comp. He plants the seeds to her about getting David out. He also told Amanda that he'll be using the veto to put Elissa up (taking down Candice). Amanda is scared that Elissa won't go home because she (Amanda) has been working on getting her voted out and it's a risk of Elissa stays...she's afraid Elissa will target her. McCrae says when people ask how he wants them to vote, he'll tell them to vote how they want. This convo is long & ongoing, but you get the point.

Other key points to note:
*If you missed Aaryn scolding David last night for simply talking to Elissa, then Flashback to 5:13pm BBT yesterday. It's long, but it's funny (at least to me it was lol) and it showed the truly crazy side of Aaryn.

*Showmances are getting more flirty (David/Aaryn..though she denied him a kiss after their fight yesterday). Kaitlin/Jeremy kissed a lot last night in bed.

*Veto Comp was a spelling comp of some sorts. Elissa spelled "Potroast" (instead of Pot Roast). McCrae won with an 8 letter word. Helen was surprised that pot roast was two words & not 1 word, like Meatloaf.

And that's gonna do it for the Overnighter! Looks like Elissa just might stay after all, and David might be the 1st evicted HG of the BB15 season. But eviction isn't until Wednesday and that's a long time in BB land. So we'll see what happens. ;) 

I'll start the morning report once the HG's wake up for the day! (As of 9:13am BBT, they're still sleeping.)

Disclaimer: any mistakes in this post is due to lack of caffeine this morning. ;) But it's starting to kick in now. lol

Stay tuned...
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Carl Mack said...

You'll more than likely see this, but around 9:30-9:35pm BBT, Nick and McCrae had a convo in HoH

Unknown said...

I think I lost brain cells watching Aaryn scold David.... jeeze! Talk about passive aggressive!?

bb fan said...

Does anyone have issues with the sound on bbad on new tv channel? Every 45 seconds or so volume is cut off for 5 seconds the whole two hours. Has done for last 2 nights and is so annoying. None of my oyher channels do it and doesn't happenbin the julie intro.

Lindsay Kenneda said...

Yeah everyone has that issue bb fan its because they're basically blurring out a curse word. They really need to move it back to showtime cause they didn't do that.

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