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Monday, June 10, 2013

Media Day + Live Feeds + Rumor Mill

And so it begins! The Rumor Mill is in overdrive this pre-season!! So, what are the rumors going around? Well, I posted about a few of them on Twitter on Saturday:

To go more in-depth on the "HG's that know each other" rumor, this rumor states that it's an all new cast with the youngest being 18 yrs old & the oldest being in their 70's & with a mother-son duo that nobody will know about.

So, which rumor is right, if any? Who knows! But don't worry, the cast reveal for BB15 will be on or shortly after June 20th & all these rumors will be put to rest. :D

Moving on...

...though they're calling it an "Big Brother Archives" this year. :P You'll be able to pause the live stream, rewind, and go to any specific date/time that you wanna watch.

(Afraid you'll miss something? Don't worry, I got ya covered! I'll make sure you know times/dates of important fights, drama, and anything else noteworthy. ;) )

In other news...

"Big Jeff" will be doing exit interviews again this year! (He did them last year as well, plus the backyard interviews post-season finale.)

That's right, bb addicts! Today is the day where various journalists, some celebs, etc go into the house and have a mock-season. They'll get to see the house (and so will we on June 21st) and do their version of a BB season surrounded by the new BB15 decor.

Tomorrow, June 11th, is the day that live feeders will get access to members-only exclusive content! What is that content? Not sure! I'll be anxious to see what it is, though! :D If you wanna see, ya gotta have the feeds!!!

Speaking of...
This year, the feeds are the cheapest they've EVER been! It's only $23.99 for the WHOLE SEASON!! Wowzers that cheap! I actually think that's less than a night at the movies these days. lol And you get entertainment for a few months! Sounds like a good deal to me!

(If you already have/going to get the feeds from me here on the blog, then THANK YOU because you are supporting the blog & your support keeps me here blogging for y'all this summer. I literally couldn't be here with you! Thank you so much for your support!)

That's it for now, guys & gals. But with only 16 days until BB15 begins, more BB news is gonna keep on rollin' in, so keep checking back!

Stay tuned...
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bbdds said...

excited for bb to start and for your blog! there a point to have superpass this season?? i like watching the shows but now that the lives feeds are on is super pass done completely with bb??

Jamie said...

nope! superpass is done! :) no need for it.

Anonymous said...

Technically I suppose all 3 of those rumors could be true. Former Survivors would still be considered new HGs since they never played BB plus I'm sure many former Survivors know each other very well.


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