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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Brother 15 Premieres Tonight!!

We made it, ladies & gents!! We made it to premiere night!! w00000t!!! :D Tonight at 8pm EST / 7pm Central, we will get to see all 16 houseguests get their keys & move into the house, plus we'll be caught up to speed on what we've missed since move-in day.

The live feeds will turn on after the West Coast show airs, so make sure you got your feeds ready!! :D

The Early Bird Special has now expired, but fear not procrastinators, the live feeds are still cheap at only $26.99 for the whole season!! That's 3 months of around-the-clock entertainment for less than $10/month. Ya can't beat that, guys & gals.

Tonight, I will be opening up the Chat Room for the 1st time this season right on the blog (right hand side, blue "Chat" button), so please pop in & say hello! Make sure to have your beverage(s) of choice & snacks ready to go! ;)

And one last thing....

This was posted at Jokers, as well as 2 fans of the blog (thanks guys!), on Hamsterwatch, as well as all over twitter...a pic of the 1st HOH Comp of the BB15 season! All the HG's are hanging from huge popsicles as they get "licked" by a giant tongue as they pass by, trying to knock them off.

Uhhh...Funny concept for a comp, but a little weird looking I must say. lol :P

Okay, that's it for now! I'll start a new post an hour or so before Big Brother starts tonight at 8pm EST/7pm Central!

Here we goooooo!!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie ... We made it !!! BB15
Do u think west coasters will be able to get a link tonight ? I am so excited I can NOT contain myself ~ My husband gave me a kiss goodbye this morning B4 work and said see u in 3 months ,I said "But sweetie its longer this year" ROTFL! JustSayn
A big thank u for all u are about to do for us Jamie ... Have a great day

Jamie said...

Yayyy we made it, indeed!! lol Unforutnatly, I cannot post any streams of the show. With the feeds switching to CBS this year, things are different. That's one of them. Join twitter (if you're not on there already), you'll find a ton of people tweeting stuff that us bloggers can't.

sorry sweetie!

James said...

Just by the looks of the comp I bet a girl won HOH and it is most likely a tall thin very fit girl whose family members are also very good at holding onto similar large objects such as bananas and large Brendan dolls. I also predict she won MVP very likely just from name recognition alone.


Jamie said...

Haha I believe you might be right, James lol

Donna Parker said...

Hi Jamie! When you say you won't be able to post streams, do you mean you won't be allowed to give us blow by blow of the comps, etc? Or overnighters?

Nana without a gun said...

Kathy...65 yr old nana from va...Very excited for the new season and the twists so far...some players are already annoying like Staten Island beauty pageant girl and that girl Jesse who thinks she poops gold nuggets or something. I hope she goes first! My first impression was that Helen and the Texas college girl are the best and they should start an alliance with 1 strong guy (maybe the guy that lives on his boat) and also the 2 gingers (professor and train conductor). Then they have brains, brawn covered for challenges.

Nana without a gun said...

Jesse needs a class to lower her self asteem. Right now she thinks she's great...and the most beautiful. We don't agree and she needs to tone it down.
Loved the blonde Texas girl and Helen the Asian lady. The twist is going to spice up this game. I hope Helen wins it first!

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