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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morning in the BB House

Annnnd they're up! :D BB woke up the HG's at 8:20am BBT, most likely for the Veto Comp. (They're on inside lockdown).

One thing I didn't mention in the Overnighter was that a lot y'all are upset at how censored After Dark is on TVGN. (I don't have that channel, but I heard they're bleeping out convos.) The live feeds however, are uncensored and just $26.99 for the WHOLE SEASON! Totally worth it!! ;) 

Currently on the live feeds...

8:39am BBT:
All HG's are walking up, doing their morning routines. BB told them to get "TV ready". (aka camera ready)

NOTE: The MVP nomination will happen 1st, then the veto players will be picked, then the Veto Comp later on.

9:11am BBT:
HG's scattered all around the house. No game talking.
9:23am BBT:
Elissa on Cam 1, doing her makeup.
And on Cam 3 (top right), we have our 1st shot of the David/Aaryn showmance. (**So weird, those 2 paired up. lol)
9:39am BBT:

Elissa said she didn't win MVP. (**Is she lying or telling the truth, that's yet to be seen.) Amanda also claims she didn't win MVP. She also told Amanda that she didn't like how Julie basically "called her out" by saying "As Rachel would say, Floaters grab a life vest."

When questioned by Elissa, Amanda tells her that she wouldn't backdoor her (Elissa) if she won POV.

10:16am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Andy is telling Elissa to be a nice person for the first few weeks of the game because everyone wants to keep "nice people" in the game. Elissa knows her name has been thrown around as getting backdoored. Andy then gets called to the Diary Room.

10:20am BBT:
*David/Howard are quietly playing a game of chess upstairs on the HOH landing.
*Andy is in the D.R.
*Spencer/McCrae/Helen/Aaryn are chit chatting in the living room.
*GinaMarie/Amanda/Nick are in one of the bedrooms talking. (Non-game at the moment. Current topic is about songs.)

10:50am BBT:
"Small World" bedroom

Talk is about Elissa being the target this week, with Candice being "Plan B" to get out. Amanda thinks if anyone but Elissa goes up on the block as the 3rd nom, then it'll mean that Elissa is the MVP of the week (since the house is gunning for Elissa).

10:59am BBT:
Amanda told GinaMarie & Aaryn that Elissa is Rachel's sister. (**Apparently only some of the HG's know.) Amanda told the girls to keep it a secret because Elissa told her secretly and she's just relaying info from her back to them (GinaMarie/Aaryn).

11:10am BBT:
HOH Room

Elissa just told McCrae she won MVP!! She has 1 hr to make a decision on who to put up. McCrae said he still may have to put her up, but wants her to stay. (They're working together.) Elissa is pissed beause McCrae promised that he wouldn't put her up.

McCrae: "You have to see where I'm coming from..I'm still gonna keep you safe!"
Elissa: "If you put me up, and I don't go home, I'm not (gonna keep) working with you."

11:19am BBT:
Talk continues in the HOH rom.
Elissa: "If I go up, I'm going home."

11:24am BBT:
Judd enters HOH.

Judd asked Elissa if she won MVP. She says no.

Elissa: "I'd probably tell people if I did." (**she's a horrible liar.)
Judd: "I'm not people, cuz I'm working with you."

Elissa doesn't tell him that she's MVP, but tells him that McCrae is gonna backdoor her & she's gonna go home. Judd thinks Candice would go home over Elissa. Elissa disagrees.

Judd leaves.
McCrae is there.
Elissa: "Please don't tell anyone (I'm MVP)." (to McCrae)

11:49am BBT:
HOH Room
Talk is the same in the HOH room between McCrae and Elissa. McCrae still telling Elissa that she'll be safe if she'll put up a strong player like David. (**If she gets to put up a nom, it'll probably be Aaryn because of their feud.)

McCrae: "I'd tell you a lie if I wanted to backdoor you. (David) is a strong physical threat. I don't see how Candice and Jessie can win veto. I have to throw veto, because if I don't, I'm really f***ed. If you win veto, you can't go up."

11:54am BBT:
McCrae is telling Elissa that "they" (other HG's) are panicking because they don't know who's MVP and if they do "this plan", then they're "f***ing perfect". McCrae is assuring Elissa that he's still working with her. 

McCrae: "Those two girls f***ing suck. They're not gonna win sh*t!" (Candice/Jessie)

Elissa leaves the HOH room a few minutes later.

11:57am BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae: "Who the f**k has this MVP sh*t?" (**Hmm, interesting. He's NOT telling people she's MVP.)

McCrae is telling the boys saying that they gotta get her out & that he told her that she's going up as a replacement nom.

Spencer and Jeremy are telling him it's part of being HOH to get people out and that it's okay to get Elissa out.

Amanda joins the HOH crew. Judd is also there.

She tells them that she just told Helen that Elissa is using the "mom card" to bond with Helen. Helen cried and feels manipulated. (**Amanda is a lil pot stirrer.)

Amanda: "Did she tell you if she won MVP?"
McCrae: "No." (**still lying. hm.)

12:06pm BBT:
Candice enters the HOH room. Talk turns to the veto comp.
Candice asks to speak to McCrae alone. Everyone politely leaves.
McCrae tells Candice if she picks "Houseguest Choice", to pick Jeremy.
McCrae tells her that the house wants Elissa out, she's fine.

McCrae: "Either way, (Elissa) is f***ed now."

**Note: Not sure who gets to pick the replacement nom..the MVP or HOH.

McCrae: "If I win (veto), I'll take you off, put Ellissa up. There's no way I'm gonna go against the house." (**He plans on throwing it, remember? Let's see if he does.)

**Time for a blogging break!! :)Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Skeeter Bug said...

As far as the MVP twist, can the HoH also be MVP or are they unable to be both?

Anonymous said...

I knew BBAD on a regular cable channel like TVGN was not gonna work. Even on Showtime it could be frustrating at times for all the normal stuff they have to cut out of even on the feeds. Now if they have to cut out anytime someone says something naughty forget about it. I called it when I first heard the network switch that if the show was still gonna be live it would be near unwatchable.

Since they obviously can't do anything about the content rules of the new network now I think they'd be much better off ditching the live aspect of the show. The whole benefit of it being live when it was on Showtime was that it was uncensored and virtually anything could be done or said and you'd be able to see and/or hear it. Now with that no longer the case they'd be much better off just airing footage from earlier in the day that they'd have time to better edit to selectively censor the specific words rather than whole chunks of the dialogue.


April and Joy said...

Wait, so everyone knows now that Elissa is Rachel's sister? I didn't know her cover had been blown yet lol! That was awful of Julie to call her out like that, that made it SO obvious!

weeping willow 2000 said...

Besides the fact that Elissa looks just like Rachel, Julie really did out her with the floater grab a life vest line. Elissa is not bothering me too much. I really like Spencer and McCrae I wish McCrae would have paired up with Helen and done a super secret Danielle/jason kind of alliance. Gina and Jessie gotta go with Candice right there with them.

Kim M said...

Jamie - I had an idea (if it isn't too complicated - I don't know much about coding).

Maybe you could add another colored square (green maybe?) to your header to indicated who the MVP for the week is (if they reveal themselves). Since it is already a quick place to check HOH/Noms/Veto, adding the MVP could come in handy. :)

Veronica Brannam said...

It will be crazy when mvp is either on the block or already HOH lol this totally changes everything!!

Veronica Brannam said...

I 'm unable to get live this yr, but see the pics up there and it looks like the 4 diff cams r all foccussing on 4 diff it like that the whole time? Last year it was 4 cams but still only 2 rooms...idk if its just cuz theres soo many ppl right now

Debi Franklin said...

Can someone refresh my memory, will the 3rd nominee be announced and play for POV? I don't remember if that was ever discussed.

Debi Franklin said...

Sorry, another question, I got the live feeds but can not seem to view them on my phone. The screen is either black or just spins, does anyone know what is up with that. I have re-booted the phone and it still does not work.

Jamie said...

hmmm not sure about the mobile feeds thing. ive heard others are having problems too. (I havent tried it, been too busy).

Keep me posted, ok? Let me know if you can get them on your device.

Jamie said...

Brian: a lot of people are complaining about BBAD being way over-censored. I dont get that channel, but that sucks for the people that cant buy the feeds or whatnot. :(

Jamie said...

Kim: I'll be putting "MVP" above the name of the weekly MVP after its confirmed. :)

Jennifer Petru said...

I feel bad for Elissa . I haven't seen her do anything terrible get. What about GinaMarie? She would be an easy person to nominate and get out without hurting too many feelings. She's a little overwhelming!

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