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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Latest BB15 Info

Happy May, y'all!! Big Brother 15 starts *NEXT MONTH*!!! Can ya believe it?!! :D

Not too much info has come out (yet) on the BB15 season, but there's been a few things: 

*Rumored (not confirmed) to be an ALL NEW CAST!!!
*this season is gonna be "bigger than ever"
*casting is officially closed for this BB15 season as of May 11th
*this season is gonna be 2 weeks longer
*BB will be in HD (Hi-Def)..finally!

Julie Chen did state (on "The Talk") that they "need more houseguests than ever!" this season. Does that mean more houseguests than ever before? We shall see!

Still no word on things such as..

*Will Canadians be able to watch the feeds?
*How much will they cost?
*Will there be an Early Bird Special?

As soon as I know the answers to any/all of those questions, I'll be sure to let y'all know here on the blog, as well as on Facebook & Twitter !!

BB15 starts next month, so get ready guys & gals!! :D

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie, Thank u for all the great info as always .. I am so excited ! Looking forward to seeing BB15 feeds on my TV thanks to the HDMI cord ...
You rock :) YAY BB15 almost here ..

Jamie said...

glad you used the tip from last season! :D and even happier to see you back here for another season with me!! xoxo

cn5799220 said...

Have casting decisions been made yet? I mean call backs? I don't know the timeline of how Kassting works

kyonna said...

Hey Jamie, I was wondering if there is a way I can watch after dark live online? I no longer have showtime and don't want to get the feeds.

Jamie said...

cn5, no word yet on if casting decisions have been made yet or not. with only 4 1/2 week to go (3 weeks until the new cast moves into the house), I'd suspect that they'll be making the finale decisions in the next week or two! :)

Kyo, no. If you DO get the feeds, and have a laptop, you can hook up the laptop to the tv (with an HDMI cable, about $20 at Target or Walmart) and watch the feeds 24 hrs a day on your tv! To make things even better, get yourself a cheap wireless mouse (about $10) and you can switch between cameras from the comfort of your couch! :)

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