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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Got Headphones? BB Live Feeds MUST!!

Well BB addicts, we are just a short month away from BB15 starting on June 26th! With that being said, I figured I'd make a post about a must-have for the BB live feeds.

Now, those of us who get the feeds every year, or has had them at least once, can testify to this...YOU.NEED.HEADPHONES. Those whisper-convos can be very hard to hear and you might find yourself lowering your cheek down to your computer saying "What the f*&# did they just say?" Don't worry, we've all been there & done that. ;)

A couple of years ago, I invested in a good quality set of headphones (my cheapo headphones just weren't cutting it.) So I figured I'd show y'all what *I* personally use and LOVE!!!

These are my Bose headphones...
They are lightweight (yay for no more "sweaty ear" from heavy headphones! lol) and I can hear just about every whisper-convo to be had on the feeds!! ...except for the whispering pro herself, Dani Donato. I don't even think what she does can be called whispering, more like "tongue-clicking whispering". lol

So with BB starting back up in a month, now's the time you'll wanna go get yourself a pair of good headphones! You can get the Bose headphones I have by clicking here or by going out shopping. (The headphones I have are on sale right now for Memorial Day Weekend!) Either way, a good pair of headphones will make the difference between you going "What did they just say?" to "OMG, they just said.."!!

Stay tuned...
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karin said...

YES Jamie, the head phones works great.I use them all the time, great for watching a movie also. Can't wait for BB15 to begin, hope it's another season full of conflict,mayhem & lots of colorful characters!
Here's to BB15....CHEERS :)

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