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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Live Feeds Switch to CBS

Happy April, BB addicts!! BB15 is just a short 3 months away & already we got some major news!

This upcoming BB season will have the live feeds on instead of Superpass/ So what does this mean for you live feed watchers? Nothing too much, except where you'll be watching them.

Here's an excert from the email I recieved this afternoon:
"This coming June, the Big Brother Live Feed will have a new home this season on"

No other news has come in yet (I'm curious to see if they'll still hold the Early Bird Special, I imgaine they would.) And you'll still be able to support your favorite BB site by signing up through the links of their site such as this one! ;)

As soon as I hear more details, I will let y'all know!! Remember to follow me on Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates! :D

Stay tuned...
CBS Interactive Inc.


Heather Fox said...

Thank goodness! Now I won't fear canceling after the show. Reel always, always kept charging me, and would never cancel correctly!

I am so excited!

I still never got the Frank shirt. Ha ha I think it's a lost cause now though! Thanks for trying so hard!

AlienMando said...

I hope they'll support our iPads and smart phones.:(

AlienMando said...

I hope their site will support feeds compatible with our portable devices... =/

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