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Friday, February 22, 2013

Janelle & Britney BOTH pregnant!!

Happy 4 months until BB15, everybody!! :D It seems that there's a bit of a baby boom going on former BB alumni ladies;

Janelle Pierznia announced via Twitter that she is pregnant with baby #2 (a baby boy!)...

...and Britney Haynes announced that she too is pregnant with her first child (a baby girl)!

A big CONGRATS to both & here's to healthy babies for both ladies!!

Sources: E! Online & Janelle via Twitter

Stay tuned...
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kkilloh said...

Hey Jamie!

I came across your blog today because I was trying to see if you're going to be following BB Canada since it started tonight. It's nice to see the news of the houseguests. I totally did not know that Dom and Dani were dating, let alone married! How neat! Thanks for keeping up with this. Would LOVE to see you blogging BB Canada!

Jamie said...

Nah, I don't have the strength to follow BB canada AND the USA shortly after lol :P Not to mention, we don't get the shows here and I believe the feeds are blocked in the usa. :(

Laura Fitzpatrick said...

Just FYI I believe that I read people from the u.s. can watch bbcanada on the slice web site. I am pretty sure you can watch the live feeds too. I can't wait for your coverage of bb15 but I am enjoying watching bbcanada in the meantime. I could never afford the feeds so its been neet watching them. Great news for the houseguests.

Jamie said...

theres a geographic restriction here in the states for the videos and live feeds. people in the states are watching via other (illegal) links, that often get taken down anyways. :(

Laura Fitzpatrick said...

O well it was a thought. I thought I read it somewhere that were going to permit it. I know what your talking about though. Being from Canada I get that a lot on the net when trying to watch American television. Thanks see ya for bb15.

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