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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BB15 Countdown

I cannot begin to express how totally EXCITED I am that Big Brother 15 is starting 2 weeks earlier than normal! I think it's actually made me more anxious for the season to start, as compared to previous seasons. Come onnnnnn, June!!! Hurry up!!!

As I write this post, we have 134 more days to go! (You can keep track on the countdown ticker over to your right on the sidebar towards the top ---> )

There's "rumors" (and I use that term very lightly, because I think it's more of peoples wishing for it than an actual "rumor") that this season could be an All Stars 2. (Wasn't this last seasons rumors, too? lol)

---pauses to think---

...not sure how I feel about that! I think it's mainly because of last season. Maybe I'd just prefer 1 season without any former BB alumni coming back?? I dunno. But then on the other hand, how freakin' awesome would it be to see BB9's Crazy James? Or BB12's Lane? Or..[insert your personal fav here].  And since we have 2 extra weeks this season, it'd be the perfect time to bring back a ton of BB's most liked..or hated! ;) hehe But more weeks doesn't necessarily mean more houseguests.

Ooooh my brain is over-thinking again! I must stop.

Okay, so it's now mid-Feb, and we have just a short 4 months to go until BB15 airs on June 26th @ 9pm EST, and baby I'm ready! ;)

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Stay tuned...
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James said...

I hope it is either All Stars with all returning guests or it is all new HGs, no in betweens. Newbies when mixed with veterans look weak and it just changes the whole experience. All Stars or all new, please.

Also, if anyone is missing their BB fill, check out BB Australia 2012 easily accessed by YT. I'm almost through the season and am really loving it.


Jamie said...

yea, i totally agree with you James. Fresh faces or All Stars 2. :)

bobberttalkslikeaman said...

Anybody seen this egotistical dude on YouTube saying he's the first cast member to be picked for BB15, video was made in Sept right after season 14 ended. Claims the new contract did not say he couldn't tell everyone or anyone that he was casted which I know is complete opposite of normal policy, you blab around too much about being a cast member before the show starts and you're cut. Don't make sense, I'm not buying it and he'd be voted off first round with how he was acting anyways. Just curious if anyone else seen this and maybe I'm just late to the news. He said he was given the okay by CBS execs to try to gain fans early, and even admitted it sounds like bs and nobody would believe him but it was true and he'd be there on move in day.

Tango said...

Hey Jamie! Cant wait for ur blogs!!! How have you been feeling...since last season u were so sick...

Tango said...

Oh and I forgot to ask.... Hows it lookin for doing BB CANADA???? I WOULD LUVVVVVV IF U WERE ABLE TO BLOG!!!!

brett said...

Do u know if u will be blogging for bb canada.

brett said...

Will u be blogging for big bro canada ?

Patricia Grosse said...

I would like to see new houseguests after the past two years of combining old and new HGs. Survivor this year has been having the old/new combo on both the fall and spring editions. I guess all newbies is more enjoyable. But, I believe that BB is overdue for a full alumni cast. I love BB!! Any news even about BB Canada keeps me until summer. Where can I watch BB Canada? Will there be any feeds available to America? I know it's a little more than 4 months until the USA's version. Can't wait! Really good blog Jaime.

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